Failed It or Nailed It: Contouring

A contour is “the outline or outer edge of something,” says the Merriam-Webster dictionary. But what does this mean when talking about makeup? According to According to Allure, modern-day contouring is “all about enhancing cheekbones, slimming your face, and tricking the eye in a believable way.” The earliest known use of the makeup technique was in the 1940s, when makeup […]

The Importance of “Coming Out” Videos Online

By Zachary Rocha In 2015, 800,000 Americans updated their Facebook profiles to indicate their membership in the LGBTQ community, according to research conducted by Facebook. In the Digital Age, many people are choosing to “come out” to friends and family on internet platforms. In an interview on the “Today Show,” Anastasia Khoo, chief marketing officer for […]

What’s Trending? Viral Videos

This week on What’s Trending?: Grace Diana and Jessica Daniel from Professor Alan Abitbol’s Online & Digital PR class discuss the impact viral videos have had on social media. See what they had to say here: To receive news and updates, follow us on Twitter: @TTU_Outpost and like us on Facebook:

Take A YouTube Break!

Everyone is stressed out this time of year. With class registration underway and finals coming up, take a break from the chaos and watch some Youtube videos. Avril Lavigne, “Hello Kitty”  If you have not already seen this video, you really need to. With lots of controversy behind it, this one will definitely go down […]

What’s Trending? Twitter & YouTube Ban in Turkey

This week on What’s Trending?: Content Manager Katelynne Newman and Social Media Lab Manager Kristin Wyllys discuss the ban on Twitter and YouTube in Turkey. See what they had to say here: To receive news and updates, follow us on Twitter: @TTU_Outpost and like us on Facebook:

Mary Cram Helps Us Get Ready For Formal

Formal season is right around the corner, so what is a girl to do when she’s simply makeup-clueless? Mary Cram can help you there. Earlier in the semester, The Hub introduced the beauty icon to the world and now she’s back to help Tech students and women everywhere look their best for that special event. […]

Movin’ On Up

We like Jimmy Fallon online. But, numbers say we do not like him as much on television. Will his new role at the “Tonight Show” change these statistics? After hosting the “Tonight Show” for more than 20 years, Jay Leno hosted his last show on Feb. 6. His successor will be comedian Fallon, while “Saturday […]

Mary Cram Is A Makeup Queen

Her weapon of choice is a foundation brush, a fresh tube of mascara and a heavy supply of MAC and Nars cosmetics. When she gets ready in the mornings, I don’t even want to know where her makeup regime falls compared to mine – especially on a school day. Mary Cram, a senior public relations […]

Positives of Going Viral

Story: Trevor Bell Graphic: Berkley Iden In today’s digital climate, organizations and brands are trying to find ways to reach as many people as quickly as they can; thus, social media is seen as the perfect medium for spreading brand awareness. To fully take advantage of social media’s influence, there is often the desire to […]

Digging Up History – 10 Things To Know, May 6

1) Project Talent – Did any of your family go to Lubbock high school from 1960-1963? A national study is looking for graduates from that era to do a 53-year follow-up to aptitude tests given to over 440,000 high school students in those years. Lubbock Avalanche Journal 2) No Room for the Fallen – A Texas memorial […]

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