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Greenhouse Watchcats Offer Love, Pest Control

Mendel and Gene sit in on labs, sun bathe and watch over the horticultural gardens and greenhouse complex when no one else is looking. You might know them as the “Greenhouse Cats." Two and a half years ago, some Texas Tech horticulture student-workers were driving home on a Friday night when they noticed an orange tabby almost get hit by a car. Checking to make sure the cat was OK, the students opened their car door and the cat jumped … [More]

LARPing: From Fantasy to Reality

By Breanna Bordelon In American culture, there is an expectation that growing up means leaving behind the fantasy world harbored in the childhood imagination. One community, however, defies the norm by bringing their childhood fantasies to life. LARPing, or Live Action Roleplaying, is a form of role play where participants, usually dressed in costume, totally embody characters they have created in order to create and interact with a themed … [More]

Classes You Should Know About: An Update

With the main focus being on following degree plans and taking courses just to meet requirements, students tend to overlook the variety of courses Tech offers. Our last list of unique, attention-getting courses still gets many hits, so we wanted to give an update. Some of these classes are full for the fall, but students can watch for people dropping the classes or plan for another future semester. Others are only offered in spring … [More]

Road Trip Adventures Starting in Lubbock


Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Till It Ends)

By Shane Longoria This review contains spoilers for the final season of "Girls." Over the course of its six-season run, Lena Dunham's critically acclaimed HBO series, "Girls," has generated think piece after think piece, challenging our conventional understanding of young adulthood—particularly that of young womanhood. For better or for worse, "Girls" has forced us to reevaluate our social circles, interactions and overall sense of … [More]

#TuneInTuesday: DAMN.

By Courtney White After posting a cryptic teaser on Instagram the morning of March 23, Kendrick Lamar released a track called “The Heart (Pt.4)” and fans went crazy. He ends the song by telling industry opponents “Y’all got ‘til April the 7th to get y’all sh*t together”. On April 7, fans were disappointed due to the fact that no album was released, but a pre-order link became available on iTunes. He then announced a new date, April 14, for … [More]

Much To Be Contributed To Lubbock Growth

Panera Bread. Crave. World of Beer. Twisted Spigot. Four of just the dozens of new restaurants continuing to pop up around the Hub City. All of these new businesses are contributed to one thing: an increase in Lubbock’s population. “There is a bigger need for restaurants and hotels because of all of these people pouring into Lubbock,” Erika Moon, a Texas Tech graduate and current law student, said. With a regional population base at … [More]

Festival Goers Say Price of Coachella is Worth It

By Breanna Bordelon Every April thousands of concertgoers flock to Indio, California to rub shoulders with A-listers and create lifelong memories in a desert full of wonders. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival marks the pinnacle of achievement for established and up-and-coming musical talent from around the globe. The event, held on two consecutive weekends in April, features hundreds of artists ranging in genre from rock, … [More]

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