Men On Mopeds

By Blaine Hill Cars, bikes and buses: Move over and make way for the mopeds. These days, many Texas Tech University students are zipping over to campus on small motor bikes that go no faster than 45 mph. Anyone can drive mopeds without a special license, says Wes McCutcheon, a Texas Tech student from Shallowater. That’s because mopeds […]

Raider Reel Presents: Halloween Short Films

Throughout this semester, many Texas Tech University student filmmakers have been busy producing short films for the first Raider Reel Presents competition. The horror or thriller-themed short films had to be between two and five minutes in length and were judged by Texas Tech professors. Five of the submitted films will be sent to film festivals as one […]

Chatting in the Chimy’s Line: Budgeting

By Blaine Hill and Justin Rex If you have ever sipped on a Chimy’s margarita or tasted its queso cheese fries, then you know why there is usually a line wrapped around the corner of the building at night. According to Villanova University Student Life, a national average of 80 percent of college students drink alcohol. College students […]

Leash Up Lubbock

By Blaine Hill There are 81 parks in Lubbock, Texas, but not one public park where dog owners can legally play fetch. The director of Lubbock Parks and Recreation, Bridget Faulkenberry, said the city ordinance prohibiting off leash dogs is in place to protect people from unfriendly or aggressive dogs. Three-quarters of a mile from William […]

Short Film: The Canvas

After getting his first C in Art Appreciation, a class he enjoyed but just did not do great in, Juan Gil was determined to turn a negative into a positive. The art he studied in the class inspired his short film, “The Canvas.” “I was pissed that I got a C, but at least I got […]

Short Film: Night of the Deadly Puppet

What started out as a Snapchat series starring a puppet is now a short film featured in an international film festival. Ricardo Cortez, a senior electronic media and communications major, came up with the idea for “Night of the Deadly Puppet” over the summer after making Snapchats featuring his childhood toy, Roger. Starring his little brother, […]

Mane Society Inspires Natural Beauty Acceptance

Unapologetic. Authentic. Crown. These are the words Texas Tech Univeristy’s Mane Society’s founders used when asked, “What is one word to describe your natural hair?” In a society where wearing your natural hair is often looked down upon and even banned in schools across the world, four girls thought it was the appropriate time to build […]

Professors Read Mean Rate My Professor Reviews

By Kortni Robinson Have you ever wondered how difficult a class or professor will be before registering for a class? Rate My Professors is a website that could possibly answer some of these questions for you. With more than 15 million ratings, along with listings of 1.4 million professors and over 7,000 schools, RateMyProfessors is one of […]

Seeing Double: A Pair of TWIN-terviews

By Emily Hamilton Have you ever been told you look strikingly similar to someone else? Maybe even someone of the opposite sex? Texas Tech University students Tori and Garrett Thompson and Montana and Wyatt Horn all said they experience this quite often while attending the same university as their fraternal twin siblings. Contrary to popular […]

Do You Ride Your Horse To School?

Tanner Warmoth contributed to this article. Howdy, y’all! If you have ever traveled to other parts of the country, I’m sure you have heard at least one good or bad, mostly bad, thing said about The Lone Star State. “That’s where all the cowboys live.” “What are you going to name your horse that you’ll be […]

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