The PoliTech Girl Speaks Out

In November of 2014 the inboxes of a Texas Tech University student filled with frantic texts from friends, her Facebook blew up with message requests, and later, her email cluttered with threats. Within weeks of the release of the PoliTech “Politically Challenged” video, it went viral, and currently has over two million views. Courtney Plunk, the […]

Brother Jed and Where You Go When You’re Dead

Tanner Warmoth contributed to this article. Brother Jed Smock, 73, has preached at college campuses in all 50 states and some abroad for over four decades. This spring, like in years past, he created a scene in Texas Tech’s Free Speech Area with his controversial statements. Smock, who represents The Campus Ministry USA, said he has been around […]

The Importance of “Coming Out” Videos Online

By Zachary Rocha In 2015, 800,000 Americans updated their Facebook profiles to indicate their membership in the LGBTQ community, according to research conducted by Facebook. In the Digital Age, many people are choosing to “come out” to friends and family on internet platforms. In an interview on the “Today Show,” Anastasia Khoo, chief marketing officer for […]

Student Spotlight: Locke Takes on New York

It took many hours of research and many Google searches for Lauren Locke, a Texas Tech graduate student, to find her dream internship. But the effort paid off. This fall, she is hard at work at the Rockefeller Center  in New York as an intern for the “The Meredith Vieira Show.” “It still gives me chills walking […]

Meet Mass Comm: Wideman Captures International Cultures, Focuses on Film

Students saving to study abroad could be envious of Austin Wideman’s experience traveling through India, China, Thailand, Guatemala, Turkey and Russia — all before graduating college. Not everyone is able to see the world, but all can witness the culture, people and lifestyles he saw through his camera lens. While well-traveled, the senior electronic media and communication major has always […]

COMC Celebrates Life of Loved Professor

Filling the majority of the room, the audience reminisced with laughter and thoughtful nods. Several people wiped tears from their faces. Programs each attendee held displayed the word “memorial,” scratched out and replaced with “celebration.” The crowd, as well as speakers, of faculty, friends and family celebrated the life of Robert Wernsman, a former instructor in […]

Infamous: Second Son Review

Robin, Carmen, and Kyle review Infamous: Second Son. Let us know if you were a hero or Infamous in the comments! Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet the Hub – Lawrence Sierra

Meet Lawrence Sierra, the Video Production Manager for the Hub. He does all of our video and takes care of the equipment. If you ever need production help, just ask him.

Construction Continues on $11 million stadium video board

Michael Snow – Cover To Cover

TTU architecture student, Ana Garcia Merino, made this amazing video. Check it out and keep an eye on her work. She will be back with more.

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