Part IV: What’s Next: Wind Energy Isn’t a Breeze

Editor’s note: This is Part IV of a series from TheHub@TTU examining the state of energy in Texas.  By: Haley Turner Renewable energy sources are thriving more and more each year, and the industries hope that one day enough power will exist to power cities alone. But where does wind energy fall into the grand […]

A Colorful Celebration of Culture

The Holi Festival, also known as the “Festival of Colors,” is a Hindu festival celebrating Spring and other famous Hindu mythologies, mainly the triumph of “good over evil.” Texas Tech held its own celebration on Saturday. Its main purpose is to push past social boundaries of caste, race, and other barriers to bring people together […]

Humans of Diversity Week

Diversity Week is “dedicated to celebrating and understanding the importance of diversity” on Texas Tech’s campus. What are the qualities that you feel make you unique? RG: I was born in Mexico but lived the most of my life in the bottom of Texas. I am mostly reserved and quiet. I think most of it […]

Hardworking Hands

By Alyssa Chrisope Well, Ricky Bobby, there are plenty of people that do. From baristas, seamstresses, mechanics and more there are people all around you that have found their calling, working with their hands. Some say it was a trait passed down and others claim that you are born with the talent. But next time you […]

Men On Mopeds

By Blaine Hill Cars, bikes and buses: Move over and make way for the mopeds. These days, many Texas Tech University students are zipping over to campus on small motor bikes that go no faster than 45 mph. Anyone can drive mopeds without a special license, says Wes McCutcheon, a Texas Tech student from Shallowater. That’s because mopeds […]

Election Day 2016 Photo Gallery

Political groups across the South Plains celebrated and commiserated the results of the 2016 presidential election Tuesday night. From campaigning to watching the results unfold, these groups made the night memorable.

Leash Up Lubbock

By Blaine Hill There are 81 parks in Lubbock, Texas, but not one public park where dog owners can legally play fetch. The director of Lubbock Parks and Recreation, Bridget Faulkenberry, said the city ordinance prohibiting off leash dogs is in place to protect people from unfriendly or aggressive dogs. Three-quarters of a mile from William […]

Six Pounds: The Struggle to Find Healthy Eating Options

Though most agree the Freshman 15 is just a myth, many college students gain weight their first year. Erik Fiffik, a former National Guardsman who attended Texas Tech University in the fall of 2015, was one of those freshman. Fiffik gained six pounds in his first week at Texas Tech while living on campus. As a result he […]

CASP: Artists of the Flat, Dry and Brown

Most people who have been to the First Friday Art Trail have seen the Charles Adams Studio Project or Gallery and enjoyed the art with no idea what CASP does for local artists. “Our main goal can be boiled down to three words: working artist studios, studios artists working. Any order you want to put those […]

Lee’s Cafe: Food with Soul

Located in the heart of downtown Lubbock, Lee’s Cafe has been cooking up down-home, Southern cuisine that has customers coming back again and again. When you step into Lee’s newly remodeled restaurant, you enter a retro-style time capsule filled with witty wall decals, smiling faces and the mouth-watering aroma of soul food. Raising seven children, Dorothy and Robert Lee had […]

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