‘Heads Up Display’ Premieres New Season

Student-produced “Heads Up Display” opens its third season with reviews of new television shows, movies and video games. Watch the first episode here!  

Heads Up Display Teases New Season

“Heads Up Display,” a student-produced entertainment show, will premiere a new season on Sept. 23. The show formerly focused exclusively on video games but will now feature movie and television reviews as well. Look for more content from “Heads Up Display” coming soon!

Heads Up Display

Heads Up Display, a Texas Tech organization, is a news review show about video games, television shows, and movies and  is released through a YouTube channel. Originally created in 2012, this organization consists of roughly 16 students who meet every Tuesday afternoon to discuss their love of video games and to share their passion with […]

Meet The Members Of Heads Up Display

You’ve watched their videos, and you’ve probably heard about their tournament coming up in May. Now, you can finally put a face to their names. Watch the video to see how the group got started and what they hope the show turns into in the future. The first-ever Heads Up Display Tournament is going to take place May […]

Take A YouTube Break!

Everyone is stressed out this time of year. With class registration underway and finals coming up, take a break from the chaos and watch some Youtube videos. Avril Lavigne, “Hello Kitty”  If you have not already seen this video, you really need to. With lots of controversy behind it, this one will definitely go down […]

Have You Registered For The HUD Tournament?

A few weeks ago, The Hub introduced Head’s Up Display and discussed their upcoming event, the Ultimate Gamer Tournament. Gamers, the time has come for you to sign up for the upcoming event. Carmen Askerneese II, creator and leader of Heads Up Display, said the group could not be more excited that everything is finally […]

Infamous: Second Son Review

Robin, Carmen, and Kyle review Infamous: Second Son. Let us know if you were a hero or Infamous in the comments! Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and Twitter.

Dark Souls II

Watch, as we take a journey into the dead land of Drangleic with Eric. In this episode we review Dark Souls 2 for the 360 and PS3. Also, prepare to die. A lot.

Heads Up Display Plays For Charity Streamathon

Heads Up Display, a student-produced video game review show published by the College of Media and Communication, is hosting a 24-hour marathon live stream through its Twitch channel on Friday and Saturday. Eric Van Allen, a member of Heads Up Display, said he and the rest of the group are very excited to host the […]

Heads Up Display Hosts Tournament

They’re outgoing, passionate about what they do, and as the group likes to say, “they play with a purpose” — especially for their upcoming event at the United Spirit Arena in May. Meet the Heads Up Display team. The group films videos and shares them on The Hub and their own YouTube channel about video […]

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