Smart Choices Help Students Eat Healthier

By Jessica Carr When students are busy trying to adjust to their schedule and get accustomed to campus dining, eating healthy can often get pushed to the side. According to findings in a study conducted by Oregon State University, college students are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. In fact, the study shows that male […]

Sports Concussions: A Lasting Impact

Sydney Cook remembers waking up in the hospital, with no recollection of how she got there. After watching a video with her mom sitting next to her, it became clear. During a Wylie High School soccer game, Cook went up for a header against her opponent, was hit in the back of the head and pushed […]

Intramural Spotlight: Technique Overpowers Strength

You may have seen it in movies, TV shows, or attempted to physically fight your sibling at some point. Many know martial arts, but not the specific forms behind the sport. JUDO Judo originated in Japan and was used by the samurai and feudal warrior class for over hundreds of years to hurt, maim or kill […]

Not Your Average Recreation Center

One of the first things incoming students see on their school tour of Texas Tech is the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center. The facility has many things to offer students besides a good workout. According to Texas Tech Rec Sports, the student recreation center offers a variety of services to students, including fitness classes, team sports […]

Tech Students Making Massive Gains

Lifting weights and staying healthy can be more than just a hobby. For some Texas Tech students, it is a lifestyle. Bodybuilding, exercising to increase muscle size and and strength, is more than just lifting weights day and night. For serious body builders, it is a juggling act between training, school, dieting and trying to […]

Tech Students Share Tales of Overcoming Cancer

When most students think about getting sick, it is probably from a hangover, the common cold or the flu. For some Texas Tech University students, getting sick meant battling for their lives against fatal illnesses. According to I Care, I Cure, 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer every year and most causes of childhood cancer are unknown. Shelby […]

Forging New Paths in the “Grand Canyon of Texas”

By Chaz Wilson Many Texas Tech students travel two hours to Palo Duro Canyon to spend weekends in the outdoors. Navigating the canyon has been made easy by trails that lead to some of the most beautiful sights in Texas. The people who forge these paths are little-known volunteers. Wynn Ross and her husband, Bill, have been involved […]

Is Your Backpack Causing You Pain?

By Julie Castaneda Many Texas Tech students carry heavy backpacks across campus, full of books, binders and laptops, only to discover that one is never too young to get back pain. Kevin McAlpin, a chiropractor in Lubbock who also works with the Texas Tech track team, said the weight of your backpack can wreak havoc […]

Pole Dancing: Not Just for Strippers

By Kameron Court Those who are willing to give the pole a whirl, without looking for extra cash, may find some unexpected benefits. Pole dancing, the newest trendy workout, spikes curiosity and stands out from the typical gym classes. Cheryl Bushey, a 20-year veteran of the dance and fitness world, has been teaching pole-dancing classes at her […]

How To Eat Healthy On A College Budget

I decided — with the new year, my sister’s wedding, and spring break coming up — it was time to buckle down and eat right. So, I did my research. After pinning healthy recipes for hours and getting meal ideas from my favorite fitness Instagrams, I made a list and headed for the store. The […]

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