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Adulting 101: How to Ace an Interview

As graduation approaches, finding a job is on all soon-to-be graduates’ minds. If you finally land an interview, where should you go from there? Our latest episode of Adulting 101 gives the perfect tips on acing an interview. These can be applied for part-time jobs, internships, and careers. Remember to be confident, and keep attending interviews […]

Social Media Sparks Conversation on Racism

By Shane Longoria After an Instagram post by user “sydnieshowmaker” circulated Twitter and Facebook, many Texas Tech students used it as an opportunity to have a discussion about racism and cultural appropriation. The image showed a woman wearing a basketball jersey and afro wig, and in the caption she called herself Laquifa. The image has since […]

#TuneInTuesday: DAMN.

By Courtney White After posting a cryptic teaser on Instagram the morning of March 23, Kendrick Lamar released a track called “The Heart (Pt.4)” and fans went crazy. He ends the song by telling industry opponents “Y’all got ‘til April the 7th to get y’all sh*t together”. On April 7, fans were disappointed due to […]

Adulting 101: How to Take Care of Pets

Who doesn’t love puppies and kittens? While they are cute and lovable, many college students do not consider the full responsibility that comes with adoption. Adopting a pet is a huge decision, and you need to make sure you are mentally, physically and financially prepared. In this episode of Adulting 101, some Hub@TTU pets helped […]

Adulting 101: How to Change a Tire

Nobody likes the feeling of having a flat tire, although Americans typically end up with five of them in their lives. It may be annoying, but if you know how to put a spare on, it doesn’t have to slow you down. To avoid ending up with one in the first place, regularly check your […]

Beats in the Books: The Library Recording Studio

By Mary Onishi The Crossroads Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art facility in Texas Tech University’s Library that has been open to students, faculty and staff for over four years. The studio is free and can be booked for up to four hours at a time. The studio gives students opportunities to engage in creative projects […]

Minding the Gap: Taking a Year Off Helps Some Students Succeed

By Jacy Cabler  While many students transition directly from high school to college, this is not the case for everyone. Emma Mortensen, a freshman from Brush, Colorado, said she understands the impact of her decision to defer a year from college. “It was a tough decision,” she said, “but I thought of it as an […]

Adulting 101: How to Stay Organized

Do you feel your mornings consist of rushing to change and shower and missing breakfast just to make it to class? Staying organized is something college students have to learn to do on their own. Watch our next episode of Adulting 101 to learn some skills.

#TuneInTuesday: More Life by Drake

By Courtney White Drake released his highly anticipated latest project, “More Life,” on March 18th, 2017. More Life features artist such as PartyNextDoor, 2 Chainz, Quavo, Kanye West, and a slew of dancehall and Jamaican artists. The first half of what the rapper deems “A Playlist By October Firm” seems to be heavily influenced by […]

Adulting 101: How to Cook Spaghetti

College students are known for eating Ramen noodles and other microwave meals, but part of becoming an adult is learning how to cook one good meal. This episode of Adulting 101 teaches how to cook spaghetti and meat sauce. For more detailed instructions, follow the five steps on instructables.com.

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