The Kate Middleton Effect

By Jasmine Stevens Where lights, cameras, and action are the heart of glitz and glam in the United States, thousands of kilometers away in the United Kingdom lies a fancier kind with pomp and circumstance. Situated in London, England, the British Royal Family is the U.K.’s monarchial government that reigns sovereign over the country and […]

Laced Up: A Look at Streetwear Fashion

By Brandon Medina  A previously underground and edgy type of dress, streetwear has become a mainstream clothing style due to its relationship with music, movies and pop culture. Streetwear incorporates not only a hybrid of apparel, but at its base, it derives from sneakers and sneakerheads. Horacio Peña, a student at Texas Tech Univeristy, said the […]

Tattoo Expo: Getting Poked Pretty in The Hub City

By Leah Doherty Last weekend, tattoo artists and vendors from around the country came to the third annual Lubbock Tattoo Expo. At the convention, visitors could get tattoos, piercings or purchase merchandise. Josh “Eon” Johnson of Mr. Tank’s Tattoos said he spends his time traveling to conventions and working at his shop in Denver, Colorado. In order to […]

Upscale Christmas Gallery Comes to Lubbock

By Violeta Trevizo For many, Christmas is a stressful time. But the season also presents the opportunity to experience exquisite beauty. This is just what J. Cruse Christmas Gallery & Decor tries to do. With the help of traditional decorations, the store’s goal is to transform the holiday rush into joy. The artist behind the gallery is […]

Success at Their Fingertips

By Violeta Trevizo According to Nails Magazine, Vietnamese-Americans make up 48 percent of workers in the nail industry. Hung Dong is part of that statistic. He along with his wife Melissa own Dove Nails Salon in Lubbock, Texas. The couple bought the business in 2001. Their business is something Melissa refers to as a “mom […]

Professional, With a Pinch of Sparkle

By Courtney Plunk If you’re a young woman, you know looking professional yet fashionable can be a challenge. Dressing well is hard because clothes are all about identity and power — “whether a person has power or is seeking to gain access to that power,” writes Rachel Chapman in an academic study. Women, who used to lack power in the […]

Miss Lubbock: More Than a Pageant

Robin Willingham said one thing you do not see in televised pageants is the stress that goes along with the performance. She knows the stress firsthand because her daughter, Madison Willingham, is the current Miss Lubbock. “I was a nervous wreck,” Robin Willingham said. “You cannot breathe until it’s over.” Madison is a junior public relations […]

Mane Society Inspires Natural Beauty Acceptance

Unapologetic. Authentic. Crown. These are the words Texas Tech Univeristy’s Mane Society’s founders used when asked, “What is one word to describe your natural hair?” In a society where wearing your natural hair is often looked down upon and even banned in schools across the world, four girls thought it was the appropriate time to build […]

School Spirit Shines During Season Opener

Waking up early to get to the tailgate you have thought about all week. Making the pilgrimage to Chimy’s to get a mid-day margarita before the line gets crazy. Slipping on the perfect boots to match the red and black outfit that took way too long to pick out. These are a couple of things that […]

Kylie Lip Kit Kraze Vs. Cheaper ColourPop

If you cannot get your hands on the sold-out Kylie Jenner’s lip kits, there are a few other options. You can spend thousands on eBay, wait until they are restocked or buy a similar product. According to PopSugar, some beauty junkies are speculating that Kylie’s lip kit is actually repackaged ColourPop Lippies. This has caused some controversy but has not affected […]

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