Activism in 2017: Tweeting the Movement

By Shane Longoria  Since the election of President Donald Trump, protestors across the country – including Lubbock – have taken to the streets to voice their opposition of his administration’s ideas and policies. Lubbock citizens gathered twice in January to join a recent wave of political demonstrations. On Jan. 21, citizens showed their support for the […]

What Not To Ask Me At Thanksgiving

On Nov. 16, #thxbirthcontrol began trending on Twitter. Women across the world celebrated reproductive rights and the ability to decide when to have a child by posting why they are thankful for contraceptives. I tweeted my support. My tweet referenced Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan’s recent dismissal of birth control and whether it […]

Twittersphere Responds to Election

By Laura Duclos Last night’s Donald Trump victory in the presidential election came as a surprise to many Americans. Although people were spread throughout election watch parties, their homes, bars and public areas, such as town squares or parks, everyone was able to come together via social media to express support for the candidate they voted for […]

Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet, Again

By Callie Yardley Kim Kardashian posted a censored nude picture on Twitter, sparking a conversation about feminism and women’s right to show off their bodies without being shamed. When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) March 7, 2016 According to Kardashian’s website, which opens with a black-and-white nude […]

Double-Edged Power: Soothe Some, Brainwash Others

Friday, November 13, 2015. This is the day everyone remembers for the horrendous news of the Paris terrorist attacks, in which 130 people were killed. As the situation unfolded, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack. The French flag colors almost immediately flooded the global social space as a symbol through which people expressed sympathy, support and strength in the face […]

Sassy Mom Makes Tech Student’s Post Go Viral

All it took was a funny picture and a snarky comment from her mom to make a post go viral. Gracen Daniel, a senior agricultural communications major, went to the annual conference of the Mortar Board, a national honor society for college seniors, over the summer. While there, Daniel—who is president of the society’s Tech chapter—took a photo […]

Social Media Affects Two Unique Nonprofit Organizations

Two girls, two friends who had two different types of cancers had two distinct nonprofit organizations founded in their honor, respectively. With the help of social media, these two nonprofits have touched peoples lives and are continuously growing. For childhood friends, Anna Basso and Micaela White, the use of social media was a big factor in […]


When she was studying for her Ph.D., Lindsey Blumell wanted to look at journalism and human rights. “I used to volunteer at an old-folks home, and then I did a lot of volunteer work — both where I come from in Canada but also abroad in Croatia and China. I used to volunteer for Amnesty […]

Social Media In The College Classroom

Film scripts are gone. Blackboards are in decline. Things are not what they used to be. Today, professors are leading the charge to implement social media into their courses. One former Texas Tech student has learned firsthand the power of social media. Jessica Phillips, a graduate with a 2011 business degree from Tech, arrived at […]

What’s Trending? NFL

This week on What’s Trending?: Nathan Gonzales and Catherine Hafer from Professor Alan Abitbol’s Online & Digital PR class discuss how the NFL uses Twitter, and how the fans react. See what they had to say here: To receive news and updates, follow us on Twitter: @TTU_Outpost and like us on Facebook:

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