Whatcha Gonna Do: ‘COPS’ Films in Lubbock

By Callie Yardley Camera. Lights. Action. This is not what the job of police officers normally entails—unless, that is, they are filming for the reality-based show “COPS.” The Lubbock Police Department recently did just that, adding Hub City to the list of more than 140 cities featured on the Spike television show since 1989. The Lubbock episode is […]

KTTZ-TV Wins Two Emmys

Paul Hunton, KTTZ-TV station manager, remembers the feeling of winning his first major industry award. “Winning was a surreal experience,” Hunton said. “They call the nominees, then they called us out as the winner, and I really don’t remember much after that. You go on stage, say a speech, and they whisk you backstage, and the statuettes […]

Student Spotlight: Locke Takes on New York

It took many hours of research and many Google searches for Lauren Locke, a Texas Tech graduate student, to find her dream internship. But the effort paid off. This fall, she is hard at work at the Rockefeller Center  in New York as an intern for the “The Meredith Vieira Show.” “It still gives me chills walking […]

All Paparazzi On Me: Felipe Goes to the Emmys

Last month, a College of Media & Communication alumnus stepped foot on the infamous red carpet, among celebrities most of us glimpse only on television. “It was my first time attending the Emmys, so it was pretty surreal being on the red carpet—seeing people from my favorite TV shows right in front of me,” said […]

‘Heads Up Display’ Premieres New Season

Student-produced “Heads Up Display” opens its third season with reviews of new television shows, movies and video games. Watch the first episode here!  

Heads Up Display Teases New Season

“Heads Up Display,” a student-produced entertainment show, will premiere a new season on Sept. 23. The show formerly focused exclusively on video games but will now feature movie and television reviews as well. Look for more content from “Heads Up Display” coming soon!

Classes You Don’t Know About… But Should

Not every class is going to excite students and get them engaged, but some absolutely will, and these classes may not be as traditional as you would think. I searched high and low and spoke with professors and students on the Texas Tech University campus to discover the most unique and interesting classes offered to undergraduate students.  Below […]

Anonymous Source Use Falls in Print, Rises in Broadcast Journalism

Results from a Georgia State University study showed from 1958 to 2008 the number of stories in the New York Times and Washington Post citing anonymous sources peaked in the 1970s before declining until 2008. A longitudinal review performed in 2010 by Matt J. Duffy and Ann E. Williams of Georgia State University examined the […]

Movin’ On Up

We like Jimmy Fallon online. But, numbers say we do not like him as much on television. Will his new role at the “Tonight Show” change these statistics? After hosting the “Tonight Show” for more than 20 years, Jay Leno hosted his last show on Feb. 6. His successor will be comedian Fallon, while “Saturday […]

Thoughts From A ‘Non-Bacheloraholic’

Ladies and gentlemen, women who yearn for drama, young-something’s and their brave boyfriends who participate, it’s that time of year again. It’s Bachelor season. I have decided to take it upon myself to watch this season because I’m actually interested in this candidate. My mom and I used to be Bachelor fanatics until all of […]

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