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MCTV Newscast: 12-4

In this Fall finale edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Katie Main and Brandon Medina are in studio with the latest news, information and events happening around campus.  First, the Red Raider football team is headed south after receiving an official bowl … [More]

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Adulting 101: How to Recycle

In this episode of Adulting 101, Austin and Christian talk about the importance of recycling and how you can make an impact right here at Texas Tech University. Like Austin says, while the US accounts for only five percent of the world's population, it creates more waste than any other country in the world. If you needed a New Year's resolution, this may be the perfect one! Check out the video and happy recycling! … [More...]

Part V: Renewable Energy On the Rise; Oil Still the Leader

By Shane Longoria and Travis Bremner Editor's note: This is Part V in a series by TheHub@TTU examining the state of energy in Texas.  Despite rapid growth and innovation in renewable energy, the oil industry in Texas — and around the U.S. — is not slowing down anytime soon. Todd Staples, president of Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA), told a group of students at the Rawls College of Business that in September. In 2016, Texas Oil … [More...]

Part IV: What’s Next: Wind Energy Isn’t a Breeze

Editor's note: This is Part IV of a series from TheHub@TTU examining the state of energy in Texas.  By: Haley Turner Renewable energy sources are thriving more and more each year, and the industries hope that one day enough power will exist to power cities alone. But where does wind energy fall into the grand scheme of things?   Taxes, Obstacles and Possibilities According to Matt Saldana, a wind energy instructor, the … [More...]

Part I: What’s the Deal with Wind and Solar Energy?

Editor's note: This story is the first in a series produced by The Hub@TTU's staff examining the state of energy in Texas.  By Haley Turner and Courtney White Anna Thomas, the assistant research professor and associate managing director at the National Wind Institute, said the United States Department of Energy has set benchmarks regarding how much of the nations' electricity demand will be powered by renewable energy. It wants 10 … [More...]

Part III: What’s Holding Up Renewable Energy?

By Shane Longoria and Travis Bremner Editor's note: This is Part III of a series by TheHub@TTU's staff examining the state of energy in Texas.  The common belief about renewable energy is that it is not economically viable enough to replace fossil fuels, but those who work in renewable energy disagree. Charles Crumpley, president of Aztec Renewable Energy, Inc., says the problem is quite straightforward. "The policy of Texas is to … [More...]

There’s a Reason it’s “Extra” Curricular

By Alyssa Soles College students around the nation could be missing out on a critical component of their collegiate career. Cindy Akers said students involved in extracurricular activities are more successful in and out of the classroom. Akers is a professor and the associate dean for academic programs in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. She received a bachelor’s in interdisciplinary agriculture, master’s in … [More...]