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MCTV Sports 101 – 4/20/16

In this week's edition of MCTV Sports 101, join hosts Kyle Stafford and Billy Ingle as they debate the wide world of sports.  Whether the two agree to disagree or are unanimous in their opinions, they promise to bring you all the details as they cover the biggest … [More]

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Business and Divorce: A Tale of Two Co-Owners

By Karla Rodriguez Business owners know better than to bring any personal issues to work, but is that possible to do when you own a company with your former spouse? Houston-based Buzzles Shaved Ice owners Darryl Garcia and Marytalia LaSalle say yes, it is. The two know the ups and downs of co-owning a business even after finalizing a divorce. Together since their freshman year in high school, they were married for 13 years and opened … [More...]

Planting Tradition, Flowers for Arbor Day

Texas Tech University students have celebrated Arbor Day annually since 1938, when University President Bradford Knapp pioneered the event. Nowadays, nine organizations are working together to help participants beautify the campus, build a sense of community and receive recognition. John Buie, president of Tech Activities Board, expects at least 2,000 people to participate this year, especially because of the incentives. "You get free … [More...]

Catching Bass and Grabbing Cash

By Joseph Marcades Catching bass around Texas can earn you more than a great story for your buddies. Bass Champs’ website features a schedule of tournaments throughout Texas, with prizes of up to $20,000 for first place. These tournaments cost each competitor an entry fee of $300. Layne Bynum, the president of the Texas Tech Bass Anglers Association and a member of the Texas Tech Bass Fishing Team, said these tournaments are not for … [More...]

Mobile “Blue Light” App Coming to Tech

The Student Government Association and the office of Risk Intervention and Safety Education, or RISE, are introducing a new app to help students feel safer on campus. SGA announced its partnership with app provider Rave Guardians on Tuesday. The app is already being used at multiple universities, including many in the Big 12, according to the Rave Website. The new app can be used in locations that are not close to one of the 44 blue … [More...]

Weekly Poll: Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Last week, Target announced transgender staff members and customers are now welcome to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds best with their gender identity. Since the announcement, many Target customers have openly boycotted the superstore and refused to go back because of the new policy. Gender-neutral restrooms have been a hot topic across the nation recently. Many states have recently passed laws regarding LGBTQ … [More...]

Journey of Parenting: One Love, Many Faces

By Victoria Landers About 38 percent of the 992 foster children in the Panhandle region of Texas live in Lubbock County, according to the Texas Department of Family Services. With hundreds of children in need of homes, Lubbock officials are looking for more families to volunteer to foster children. On March 3, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson publicly highlighted the urgency for foster families in Lubbock. Robertson, along with … [More...]