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MCTV Special Report – JOUR 3314 – 3/6/17 & 3/8/17

In this special edition of MCTV, the students in the JOUR 3314 Broadcast Journalism course present two unique studio productions focusing on news and sports. MCTV Special Report - Team A - 3/6/17: MCTV Special Report: The 5 … [More]

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Fire and Brimstone, Not Fireball and Weed: Brother Jed Returns to Texas Tech

By Haylee Uptergrove There is a certain ruckus to be heard in the Free Speech Area this week. Anyone walking by the Student Union Building Tuesday afternoon could hear the combative voices of students clashing with the older, more measured tones of a few choice visitors who visit campus once a year. “God does love people, in the sense that he died for them, for everyone,” he said. This particular speaker is bedecked in clothing more … [More...]

Playing Pretend in Suburbia

By Eden Vander Zee As I sit swaddled in my pink-and-white Barbie blankie on the brown wrinkled couch in the sun room of my suburban home, there seems to be nothing but a perfect world that surrounds me. I see my mother singing in the kitchen, the sun warms my skin as it gleams in through the stained-glass windows, and the smell of homemade brisket makes its way to my content heart. My young life seems to be all so perfect. But little did I … [More...]

MCTV Newscast: 3-27

In this Monday edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Alma Bustamante and Brandon Medina have the latest news, information and events happening around campus.  First, the changing of the guard in Washington D.C. has led to many questions regarding the future of the United States' diplomatic policies.  We'll show you how a special event at the International Cultural Center is helping to answer some of those questions.  Also, Tech celebrated … [More...]

Healing Slowly—and Then All at Once

By Amanda Castro-Crist The last thing I can remember before the cast came off several weeks later is running across the cushions of our brown-and-orange couch. It’s weird how the time between the two points – broken and healed – is a blank. I can list a million details about the house we lived in. There were three wood-paneled rooms, one for my parents, one for me and one for my little brother – a perfect little family. I can describe … [More...]

MCTV Sports 101 – 3-23-17

In this edition of MCTV Sports 101, join hosts Kyle Stafford, Billy Ingle and special guest host Abby Aldrich as they debate the wide world of sports. Whether they agree or disagree, they promise to bring you all the details as they cover the biggest headlines of the week. Here are this week's topics: CBB: March Madness - Recap of Opening Rounds CBB: March Madness - Sweet 16 Preview WBC: World Baseball Classic Recap Join us each … [More...]

MCTV Newscast: 3-23

In this Thursday edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Alma Bustamante and Megan Reyna are in studio with the latest news, information and events happening around campus.  First, a plume of black smoke over Jones AT&T Stadium brought a lot of attention to the Tech campus on Wednesday afternoon.  We'll have the latest details on the Sports Performance Center fire.  Also, Texas Tech is made up of a population of faculty, staff and … [More...]