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Double T Insider – Episode 23 – Season II

Check out the semester's last Double T Insider, hosted by Bret Brown and Kaitlyn Kravik. In this week's edition of the Double T Insider, we talk with Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt. We sit down with Texas Tech Baseball's Zach Davis, and we … [ More ]

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What’s Trending? Social Media in Careers

This week on What’s Trending?: Social media lab manager Kristin Wyllys is talking with alumna Shelby Chapman about how she uses social media in her career. See what she had to say here: To receive news and updates, follow us on Twitter: @TTU_Outpost, like us on Facebook:, and subscribe to our YouTube channel: … [Read More...]


In The Eye Of The Beholder

Jackson Colburn is 15, and will be 16 in a few days. He goes to Frenship High School and will be a junior in the fall. He recently passed his driving test and will get his license like many do at his age, but he is not the average high school student. Jackson was born with cataracts. "It's basically like having a piece of wax paper over your eye," Jackson said. "That is what I would compare it to." When he was 9 months old, his baby … [Read More...]

Picture from the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark Facebook page.

Family Day At Lubbock Lake Landmark On July 12

The annual Archaeology in Action: Family Day will be held on Sat. July 12 at the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark. This free event will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with official tour times beginning at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. Visitors will get to watch excavators in action and learn how cultural and environmental clues fit into the current time period being investigated. With events for the whole family, children will be able to … [Read More...]

Picture taken by Sarah Self-Walbrick.

Debt Relief Ahead

With President Obama’s efforts to drop the rate of repayment of student debt to 10 percent of a graduate’s monthly income, the president is pushing to help students become debt-free citizens, according to the White House. Klaus Becker, an economics professor at Texas Tech, said he believes this motivation is for the students, and it seems to be a policy for them. Keeping the loan interest rates low is not money lost for the government, he … [Read More...]

Picture provided by the College of Media and Communication.

Social Media In The College Classroom

Film scripts are gone. Blackboards are in decline. Things are not what they used to be. Today, professors are leading the charge to implement social media into their courses. One former Texas Tech student has learned firsthand the power of social media. Jessica Phillips, a graduate with a 2011 business degree from Tech, arrived at Tech with little knowledge about social media. She mainly used Facebook but not much else. “I was kind of an … [Read More...]


Anonymous Apps Or Cowardice Acts?

William Lopez, risk management director in the Texas Tech Center for Campus Life, is familiar with cyberbullying. “You would think we wouldn’t be having this conversation in a college environment,” he said. "But, with anonymous phone applications all over campus, it has become a huge problem.” “Yik Yak” is an application that serves as a local bulletin board for any smartphone user’s current location, according to the company’s website. … [Read More...]