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MCTV Still - 12-3-14

MCTV Newscast: 12-3

In this end of the semester edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Lucinda Holt and Courtney Sansbury are in the studio one last time with a look at the latest news and information from around campus.  First, reporter Dawit Haile went looking for just the … [More]

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Outpost TV: Snapchat Geofilters

This week on Outpost TV: Lab Manager Katelynne Newman and Content Manager Dylan George discuss Snapchat's new "Long Live The Matadors" geofilter with T.J. Vining.   To receive news and updates, follow us on Twitter at @TTU_Outpost and like us on Facebook at … [More...]

Dr. Tomlinson's third bike

Tech Professor Breaks Stereotypes, Promotes Individuality

After realizing a sailboat was unrealistic to build in Lubbock, Susan Tomlinson, Ph.D., started making her own canoe paddles, followed later on by her own bicycles and greenhouses. The Texas Tech environment and humanities program director and assistant dean of the Honors College, from Midland, Texas, has become well known for her unique hobbies. Megan Conley, an honors academic adviser from Coahoma, Texas, said she has worked with … [More...]

From left to right: Evan Smith, Robert Duncan, Juliet Garcia.

Texas Higher Ed. Has A Bright Future But A Long Way To Go

A packed room in the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center buzzed with anticipation as the four panelists and the moderator took the stage. Attendees expected a discussion on higher education in Texas, but they probably didn't expect some of the answers the panelists gave. On Monday, Texas Tech University Systems Chancellor Robert Duncan, Juliet Garcia, Ph.D., state Senator Charles Perry, and Wynn Rosser, Ph.D., took the stage along with moderator … [More...]

New Quiznos Gives Autistic Students Real-World Job Experience

James Pugh has had many different jobs over the years, he but admits to leaving most of them due to discrimination against his disability. “I don’t like to use the word 'disability.' I say, 'I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome,'" the 23-year-old student from St. Louis, Mo., said, "but I don’t use it as a crutch. I use it to further myself.” Pugh is one of seven students from the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research now … [More...]

Keith Strattan works on a prosthesis for a patient who wears cowboy boots.

Prosthetic Limb Advances Assist Amputees

“That’s where it all started was a wooden socket just like a pirate, you know, a peg leg.” Kent Phillips is a certified and licensed prosthetist at Lubbock Artificial Limb and Brace. His father-in-law, Cecil McMorris, is a bilateral below-the-knee amputee from the Korean conflict and started the business in 1962. Phillips said prosthetic technology has changed vastly since he started working with the company in 1975. "That’s where it all … [More...]


Poll: How Often Do You Actually Complete Reading Assignments?

When a class requires students to read 30+ pages before every class, students are bound to miss a few assignments. There have to be some students out there who complete every reading assignment, with books painted neon yellow in highlighted material. And we all know that one person who did not even buy the book, but still maintains a higher grade than you in the class somehow. Take our poll below and let us know how often you follow the … [More...]