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MCTV Newscast: 10-20

In this Thursday edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Abby Aldrich and Megan Reyna have the latest look at the news, information, and events happening around campus.  First, many college students face a problem that could result in life-changing injuries or … [More]

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New Commission Hopes to Help Non-Traditional Students

By Amanda Castro-Crist While campaigning for the position of Texas Tech Student Government Association President last spring, Ben Sharp, a senior economics major and current SGA president, said he had the opportunity to speak with a few non-traditional students who attend the university. “I began to think, 'I’ve been in SGA for three years now and I don’t think we’ve ever had a non-traditional student issue raised'," Sharp said. "There’s … [More...]

The Hidden Heroes Among Us: Jeremy Sedeño

The Hub@TTU is launching a series focusing on veterans studying at Texas Tech University. The series, which will include photos, videos, diary entries, Q&A’s and profiles, will tell the stories of veterans transitioning back to civilian life and of those that have already made the transition. After dropping out of high school in 1995 and having his first son two years later, Jeremy Sedeño decided to pursue what would end up being be a … [More...]

Historical Hub City

The second your tires hit the cobblestone roads in downtown Lubbock, you can feel the history of the town rattling your tires. But despite being over 100 years old, Lubbock citizens do not always think of their town having a deep history. “Because Lubbock wasn’t incorporated until 1909, people in Lubbock don’t think of themselves as having things they should save,” Pam Brink, Lubbock Heritage Society president, said. The heritage society's … [More...]

The Binge Drinking Reality

By Samantha Brookes Ignatius Horstmann, a sophomore history major at Texas Tech University, knows alcohol related deaths are a reality for some students and addicts. He said he has known two people this year who have died from alcohol and drug use. "When you get in recovery, get ready, because people are going to start dying," Horstmann said. Horstmann is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who is a part of the Center for Collegiate … [More...]

MCTV Sports 101 – 10/19/16

In this edition of MCTV Sports 101, join hosts Kyle Stafford and Billy Ingle as they debate the wide world of sports. Whether the two agree or disagree, they promise to bring you all the details as they cover the biggest headlines of the week. Here are this week's topics: CFB: Showdown in the SEC MLB: NLCS Playoffs NFL: Who Should Start for the Cowboys? Who Ya Got?: Sports Pick 'Em Join us each week for more MCTV Sports … [More...]

Chatting in the Chimy’s Line: Budgeting

By Blaine Hill and Justin Rex If you have ever sipped on a Chimy’s margarita or tasted its queso cheese fries, then you know why there is usually a line wrapped around the corner of the building at night. According to Villanova University Student Life, a national average of 80 percent of college students drink alcohol. College students on average spend $900 a year on alcohol, according to the University of Pennsylvania. In Lubbock, 30 … [More...]