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MCTV Sports 101 – 12/7/16

In this edition of MCTV Sports 101, join hosts Kyle Stafford and Billy Ingle as they debate the wide world of sports. Whether the two agree or disagree, they promise to bring you all the details as they cover the biggest headlines of the week. Here are this … [More]

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Eat Breakfast, Or Break Fast During the Day

For many students, breakfast can either be an afterthought or a must-do, but does it help in the classroom? For those trying to find out, research can be a little confusing. If you check websites like Shake Up Your Wakeup, you would be convinced that breakfast is an essential part of a morning routine. According to the website, a healthy breakfast should provide between 25 and 30 percent of your daily caloric intake and should be eaten within … [More...]

Documentary: (Un)Registered

By Anna Claire Beasley, Juan Gil, Justin Rex, Spencer Grzywacz and Allison Kowalczyk Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. It happens everywhere, including Lubbock. Watch this documentary to learn more. … [More...]

Hardworking Hands

By Alyssa Chrisope Well, Ricky Bobby, there are plenty of people that do. From baristas, seamstresses, mechanics and more there are people all around you that have found their calling, working with their hands. Some say it was a trait passed down and others claim that you are born with the talent. But next time you get a haircut or hear your favorite song, think about the handy work behind it. Kelly Nedd, Hairstylist  "I think … [More...]

Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas?

By Blaine Hill 'Tis the season for feasts, holiday parties and Christmas shenanigans. Can you imagine a birthday celebration on top of all this? But December babies say their birthdays have never been eclipsed by the other festivities. Weston Davis, an electronic media and communications major at Texas Tech, was born on Dec. 15. He said his family always worked hard to make sure his birthday felt special. "It was like a shorter summer … [More...]

MCTV Newscast: 12-5

In this end of the semester edition of the MCTV Weekday Update, anchors Abby Aldrich and Laura Duclos have the latest look at the news, information and events happening around campus.  First, the Christmas season officially kicked off on Friday during one of Tech's most loved traditions.  We'll have a look back at the Carol of Lights.  Also, the Tech Activities Board is giving students a few options to escape the grind of end of the semester … [More...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink And Text

By Breann Robinson Almost 50 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 consider texting to be just as meaningful as a phone conversation, according to Text Request. But are drunk texts meaningful, too? Mallory McCarty said she has sent a few too many drunk texts, which she often doesn't remember until the next day. "Sometimes it can be pretty embarrassing," McCarty said. "It's funny, and I like to tell other people about it, so … [More...]