West Texas as a Wine Leader

When West Texas comes to mind, the first thing you think about may not necessarily be wine. However, many wineries in the Lubbock area have rich histories, like Llano Estacado, that are leaving their mark on the growing Texas wine industry. In 1983, the winery decided to replace all its equipment, and installed state-of-the-art tanks, […]

Muslim Imam: ‘We Feel That We Are American’

By Mary Onishi “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon was blasting through my car’s speakers when I pulled up to the Islamic Center of the South Plains, one of two mosques in Lubbock. I walked into the quiet entrance of the mosque where I was asked to slip off my Chuck Taylors and leave […]

Activism in 2017: Tweeting the Movement

By Shane Longoria  Since the election of President Donald Trump, protestors across the country – including Lubbock – have taken to the streets to voice their opposition of his administration’s ideas and policies. Lubbock citizens gathered twice in January to join a recent wave of political demonstrations. On Jan. 21, citizens showed their support for the […]

Delicious, Nutritious and Ambitious

According to the South Plains Homeless Consortium, more than 400 people in Lubbock were counted homeless last year. Cesar Hernandez, a junior mechanical engineering major at Texas Tech, and three of his friends decided they wanted to do something about it. It was about a year ago that Hernandez noticed the amount of people living on the […]

The Chilton: It’s a Lubbock Thing

You may not find it hard to believe that the popular cocktail Manhattan originated in Manhattan, New York or that the sweet taste of a Long Island originated in Long Island. However, you might be able to thank Lubbock, Texas for introducing the refreshing cocktail known as The Chilton. History of The Chilton According to a […]

9 to 5, Past Age 65

By Alyssa Chrisope Nearly 20 percent of Americans 65 and older are still working, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is the highest rate of employed older people since the 1960s. Becky Hymes has worked as the human resources director for User Friendly Media for more than 14 years. She will […]

Documentary: (Un)Registered

By Anna Claire Beasley, Juan Gil, Justin Rex, Spencer Grzywacz and Allison Kowalczyk Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. It happens everywhere, including Lubbock. Watch this documentary to learn more.

Upscale Christmas Gallery Comes to Lubbock

By Violeta Trevizo For many, Christmas is a stressful time. But the season also presents the opportunity to experience exquisite beauty. This is just what J. Cruse Christmas Gallery & Decor tries to do. With the help of traditional decorations, the store’s goal is to transform the holiday rush into joy. The artist behind the gallery is […]

Success at Their Fingertips

By Violeta Trevizo According to Nails Magazine, Vietnamese-Americans make up 48 percent of workers in the nail industry. Hung Dong is part of that statistic. He along with his wife Melissa own Dove Nails Salon in Lubbock, Texas. The couple bought the business in 2001. Their business is something Melissa refers to as a “mom […]

Tarot Readers Provide Spiritual Guidance

By Haley Davis Though tarot reading originated on the streets of 14th century Western Europe, this alternative form of spirituality has become an outlet for individuals in the Lubbock community. Modern tarot card decks evolved from European game cards referred to as Mamluk, a game utilized for playful divination in which players were dealt predictive cards […]

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