Adulting 101: How to Do Laundry

The Hub@TTU is introducing a series to help college students understand the basics of adult life. In our first episode of “Adulting 101,” learn how to properly do laundry.

Story behind the Story Podcast: Episode One

In the Story behind the Story podcast, which debuts with an interview of Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reporter Lucinda Holt, The Hub@TTU will explore how journalists find and report stories. The podcast’s content will be both local and national in scope, covering a variety of topics, from crime to sports to human interest and general news. Texas […]

Hardworking Hands

By Alyssa Chrisope Well, Ricky Bobby, there are plenty of people that do. From baristas, seamstresses, mechanics and more there are people all around you that have found their calling, working with their hands. Some say it was a trait passed down and others claim that you are born with the talent. But next time you […]

Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas?

By Blaine Hill ‘Tis the season for feasts, holiday parties and Christmas shenanigans. Can you imagine a birthday celebration on top of all this? But December babies say their birthdays have never been eclipsed by the other festivities. Weston Davis, an electronic media and communications major at Texas Tech, was born on Dec. 15. He said his family always worked hard […]

The PoliTech Girl Speaks Out

In November of 2014 the inboxes of a Texas Tech University student filled with frantic texts from friends, her Facebook blew up with message requests, and later, her email cluttered with threats. Within weeks of the release of the PoliTech “Politically Challenged” video, it went viral, and currently has over two million views. Courtney Plunk, the […]

Men On Mopeds

By Blaine Hill Cars, bikes and buses: Move over and make way for the mopeds. These days, many Texas Tech University students are zipping over to campus on small motor bikes that go no faster than 45 mph. Anyone can drive mopeds without a special license, says Wes McCutcheon, a Texas Tech student from Shallowater. That’s because mopeds […]

Election Day 2016 Photo Gallery

Political groups across the South Plains celebrated and commiserated the results of the 2016 presidential election Tuesday night. From campaigning to watching the results unfold, these groups made the night memorable.

Keep Your Two Wheels Turning

By Laura Duclos Texas Tech is one of the largest universities in the state of Texas. With only 10 minutes to move from one class to the next, how are students with back-to-back classes supposed to get around quickly? Most students commute from home to class or take the bus, but in recent years TTU […]

Raider Reel Presents: Halloween Short Films

Throughout this semester, many Texas Tech University student filmmakers have been busy producing short films for the first Raider Reel Presents competition. The horror or thriller-themed short films had to be between two and five minutes in length and were judged by Texas Tech professors. Five of the submitted films will be sent to film festivals as one […]

Historical Hub City

The second your tires hit the cobblestone roads in downtown Lubbock, you can feel the history of the town rattling your tires. But despite being over 100 years old, Lubbock citizens do not always think of their town having a deep history. “Because Lubbock wasn’t incorporated until 1909, people in Lubbock don’t think of themselves as […]

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