14 New Artists of 2017

2017 has been incredibly fruitful in terms of musical releases, in particular the new acts we have been introduced to. So, in that spirit, here is The Hub@TTU’s list of exciting new artists of 2017. Happy listening. 1. Alex Lahey Hailing from Australia, Alex Lahey brings an exciting, blissful energy to indie rock. On her […]

What’s In a Name: Which Songs of the Same Name Are the Best

In the world of music, there are only so many titles that exist when naming a song, so it is inevitable that there will be some overlap. However, that does not mean all songs are equal, and the most important thing an artist can do is ensure their song is the best among all other […]

#TuneInTuesday: DAMN.

By Courtney White After posting a cryptic teaser on Instagram the morning of March 23, Kendrick Lamar released a track called “The Heart (Pt.4)” and fans went crazy. He ends the song by telling industry opponents “Y’all got ‘til April the 7th to get y’all sh*t together”. On April 7, fans were disappointed due to […]

Nothing Was the Same: Drake, Kendrick and Modern Rap Beef

By Shane Longoria With the release of Drake’s “More Life,” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn,” hip-hop fans are back to doing what they do best: speculating. Arguably the two biggest hip-hop artists in the industry right now, Drake and Lamar have been engaged in a rap cold war that dates back to 2013 – and fans have […]

Is Jazz in a La La Land or a Desolate One?

By Mary Onishi In Damien Chazelle’s modern musical “La La Land,” Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian, a pianist passionate about saving jazz and opening his own club in Los Angeles. Sebastian’s passion is driven by the idea that jazz music is dying. But is it? Assistant Professor of Jazz at Texas Tech Ben Haugland said this […]

#TuneInTuesday: More Life by Drake

By Courtney White Drake released his highly anticipated latest project, “More Life,” on March 18th, 2017. More Life features artist such as PartyNextDoor, 2 Chainz, Quavo, Kanye West, and a slew of dancehall and Jamaican artists. The first half of what the rapper deems “A Playlist By October Firm” seems to be heavily influenced by […]

The Sound of Lubbock

Deep in the heart of Texas is “the friendliest city in America.” Those not from the South Plains might find it hard to believe that Lubbock has more to offer than cotton, haboobs and tumbleweeds. However, there must be something worth mentioning about Lubbock because artists such as Clay Walker, Aaron Watson and Josh Abbott […]

#TuneInTuesday: Maggie Rogers

Many may be unfamiliar with the unique artist Maggie Rogers, but the 22-year-old has taken the music industry by storm. On February 16, she released her first EP, Now that the Light is Fading, featuring her hit that left Pharrell Williams speechless. Rogers has been making and producing music since she was in high school, but her […]

#TuneInTuesday: Chance Won the Grammys

By Courtney White For some, Sunday may have just been a day to catch up on homework or watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. For me and many others, it was a day to set aside all of my priorities and watch the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. While I am usually displeased with the […]

#TuneInTuesday: I Decided by Big Sean

By Courtney White Hip Hop artist Big Sean released his fourth album titled “I Decided” February 3rd, 2017. He is definitely not taking any “L’s” on this album. On February 2nd, 2017, Big Sean explained the concept of his album on The Jimmy Fallon Show. “The concept of the album is ‘this is me and […]

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