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Graduate Executive Director — Mass Communication Graduate Student, Class of 2017
Sarah, a Lubbock native, has two bachelor of art degrees in electronic media and communication and journalism, and is pursuing a master's in mass communications. She loves Texas, her husband and dog, and good storytelling.

Garth Loved Trisha: Strong Relationship, Strong Tour

Though he has seen her perform on this tour over 300 times, country singer Garth Brooks said one performance of wife and fellow singer Trisha Yearwood blows him away each time. Even talking about it choked him up. “Just talking about it now kills me,” Brooks said. “It’s one of the most beautiful things you’ll […]

What Not To Ask Me At Thanksgiving

On Nov. 16, #thxbirthcontrol began trending on Twitter. Women across the world celebrated reproductive rights and the ability to decide when to have a child by posting why they are thankful for contraceptives. I tweeted my support. My tweet referenced Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan’s recent dismissal of birth control and whether it […]

Weekly Poll: Religion

According to the Pew Research Center, 47 percent of college students consider religion very important, with 36 percent of them attending religious services at least once a week. In Lubbock, previously ranked as the second most conservative city in the United States, students have an abundance of student ministry options, with most places of worship […]

Raider Reel Presents: Halloween Short Films

Throughout this semester, many Texas Tech University student filmmakers have been busy producing short films for the first Raider Reel Presents competition. The horror or thriller-themed short films had to be between two and five minutes in length and were judged by Texas Tech professors. Five of the submitted films will be sent to film festivals as one […]

Weekly Poll: American Apartment Horror Story

Apartment living is not always easy, from dealing with roommates to management and maintenance. Having a difficult roommate can cause students’ grades to drop, according to a 2012 story from the Huffington Post. Some characteristics of a bad roommate include not cleaning, hogging space and resources and not respecting each other, according to HelloGiggles. im […]

I Quit My College Job, and This Is How I Feel

I walked into the store that day in a floral dress and black shrug, very representative of my newly 19-years-old style. “Hi, I’m here to see Josh for an interview,” I timidly said to the cashier. What came next was one of the most intense interviews I’ve ever gone through, and I’m a journalist. I […]

Short Film: The Canvas

After getting his first C in Art Appreciation, a class he enjoyed but just did not do great in, Juan Gil was determined to turn a negative into a positive. The art he studied in the class inspired his short film, “The Canvas.” “I was pissed that I got a C, but at least I got […]

Short Film: Night of the Deadly Puppet

What started out as a Snapchat series starring a puppet is now a short film featured in an international film festival. Ricardo Cortez, a senior electronic media and communications major, came up with the idea for “Night of the Deadly Puppet” over the summer after making Snapchats featuring his childhood toy, Roger. Starring his little brother, […]

Downtown City Radio Releases First Album

Downtown City Radio will make 20-somethings nostalgic for the pop-punk sounds of their middle and high school years. The band describes its sound as “soul-punk.” Sampson Ma, the lead singer of the band, said he is greatly influenced by soulful music from artists like Patrick Stump, while drummer Brady Sharp likes to bring in elements from his favorite band, […]

Schovanec Begins Tenure as University President

On his first day of teaching at Texas A&M University, master’s student Lawrence Schovanec showed up to campus thinking he would easily find a parking spot. He was wrong. As Schovanec ran to his class, his 1970s platform shoe heel broke. He tied his shoe lace around the heel and hoped he would make it to […]

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