The Chosen Generation: Harry Potter’s Effects

By Blaine Hill When J.K. Rowling wrote, “Every child in our world will know his name,” she had no idea how much of a reality that would become. Since 1997, when the first book was published, the Harry Potter series has sold over 400 million copies, according to Scholastic. “Everybody knows Harry Potter’s name, and everybody […]

Superhero Movies Continue to Fly Towards Success

By Jayme Lozano With eight superhero films scheduled for release this year and over 30 Marvel and DC Comics movies planned through 2020, the heroic flick trend shows no sign of hanging up its cape anytime soon. Rob Weiner, a Texas Tech librarian specializing in popular culture and humanities, has studied comic books, but the superhero trend confuses him. “Whether they’re […]

Weekly Poll: Streaming

We’re all guilty of it. Whether you’re procrastinating or relaxing after a long week, it can be pretty easy to get sucked into a Netflix binge-watching session. One more episode can easily turn into hours. Streaming subscribers reported spending on average six hours per week watching on-demand content in 2015, doubling the hours reported in 2011. Judging […]

Cinema Lovers Flock to Alamo Drafthouse

Looking for arthouse movies? Look no further than Lubbock’s West Loop 289. Alamo Drafthouse, which opened in April 2014, is hosting this weekend’s Flatland Film Festival along with the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts. The festival is featuring features and shorts from local flimmakers. Robert Peaslee, an associate professor and chair of the Department of Journalism […]

‘Heads Up Display’ Premieres New Season

Student-produced “Heads Up Display” opens its third season with reviews of new television shows, movies and video games. Watch the first episode here!  

Heads Up Display Teases New Season

“Heads Up Display,” a student-produced entertainment show, will premiere a new season on Sept. 23. The show formerly focused exclusively on video games but will now feature movie and television reviews as well. Look for more content from “Heads Up Display” coming soon!

Faculty Members Peaslee, Weiner Compile Joker Book, Set to Discuss During Q&A

A black book sits on a desk. Spindly red text spells out a title printed over dark artwork featuring an seemingly evil grinning face in the shadows — the iconic Joker, and it’s a work of academia. Also featured on the cover of “The Joker: A Serious Study of the Clown Prince of Crime” is […]

Nine of the Best Easter Eggs in Media: TV, Movies & Music

As Easter Sunday approaches, perhaps you have helped your little sister buy a white dress and matching shoes for a church service. Maybe you boiled a carton of eggs to dye and decorate before devouring. At this time of year, I find myself reminiscing about hunting for plastic Easter eggs my grandfather would hide in […]

Weekly Poll: Do Red Raiders Want a Redbox on Campus?

  Redbox is all over the place, but we can’t help but notice that there are none on campus. Getting to one can sometimes be a hassle, especially for a generation that is used to instant streaming. We all have to be on campus, so having one in the SUB, the library or dorms would […]

Tech’s International Film Series Opening Week

The Texas Tech International Film Series will begin its Spring 2015 season Tuesday night with a showing of “La Strada,” a 1954 Italian drama directed by cinema master Federico Fellini. IFS coordinator Robert Peaslee said in an email that the first film will be shown tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, located at 120 West […]

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