Heads Up Display Plays For Charity Streamathon

Heads Up Display, a student-produced video game review show published by the College of Media and Communication, is hosting a 24-hour marathon live stream through its Twitch channel on Friday and Saturday.


Eric Van Allen, a member of Heads Up Display, said he and the rest of the group are very excited to host the live stream.

“The event is for a great cause,” he said. “It’s to raise awareness for Child’s Play and to promote our upcoming video game tournament.”Screen-Shot-2014-03-25-at-3.02.45-PM

Van Allen said the event will be hosted from their producer’s living room and the rest of the community can watch the live stream from the comfort of their own laptop or computer. He said Heads Up Display’s aim is to raise awareness for Child’s Play, which is an organization their group promotes regularly.

Van Allen said anyone can donate to the cause by tuning in to watch the live stream and to use the link provided to donate directly. He said another way people can donate is by simply watching the group during the 24 hour-streamathon, which is taking place March 28 from 6 p.m. until March 29 at 6 a.m.

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