Financial Unpreparedness May Cost Students Later

By Katie Main Students work countless hours to gain enough knowledge to earn a degree of their choosing. However, most students are graduating without the fundamental knowledge needed to make basic financial decisions. In addition to working toward a master’s degree in Mass Communications, Ashley Ryan is in the process of planning a wedding and purchasing […]

Super Bowl 51: Betting on More Than the Spread

For many, sports are about watching games they love played by teams they love. But, for millions more, it could mean wagers involving serious amounts of cash. Sports gambling is a big business in the United States. Over the years, Americans have thrown more and more money into what has become a goliath of an industry. […]

Sugar Babies Live Life in the Lap of Luxury

By Laura Duclos “She never had sex with them,” Mary* said. “They went to dinner with her. One of them bought her some purses, shoes and clothes. Then she met her long-term sugar daddy, Tom*, and he was a lobbyist.” Mary is the friend of a successful sugar baby. During their senior year of high […]

Gambling, It’s No Fantasy

Although college students are known to be short on cash, many participate in fantasy football leagues, making a risky short-term investment for a potential gain at the season’s end if their team performs well. In Texas, it is illegal to place a bet on the partial result, final result or on a participant in a game or contest. Defenses […]

New Regulations Could Cut Student Org Funding

More than 250 student organizations receive funding from the Student Government Association each year, but legislation passed last week by the Student Senate now allows such funding to be denied or taken away. According to the heads of SGA’s budget and finance committee, the group that allocates funds to student organizations, the new regulations will increase efficiency. “If we […]

Konsidering the Kardashians: Role Models or Hollow Stars?

Even though the ratings of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” have fallen since its premiere in 2007, the stars of the show continue to have as much of a hold on our imaginations as ever. The reality series focuses on sisters Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, along with Kendall and Kylie Jenner and parents Kris and Caitlyn […]

#PrayForParis … and the Rest of the World

As the news of the Islamic State’s attacks on Paris unfolded, variations of a social media post began to stir controversy across platforms. The post highlighted tragic events across the world and encouraged expressions of sympathy. But the “Pray for…” hashtag quickly spilled onto unrelated events, including an undersea earthquake that could have led to a massive loss of […]

Texas Tech Student Mosque Vandalized

After the Texas Tech student mosque was vandalized Monday night, Adam Telfah started a gofundme, raising $625 in 19 hours. The senior electrical engineering major from Cypress, Texas, said the fundraiser is not only intended to raise money for repairs to the broken door and lights, but to raise awareness of the true message of Islam. […]

Weekly Poll: Are Black Friday Deals Worth the Crowds?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the day when stores are supposed to get out of financial loss and back “in the black,” an accounting term for making profit. In spite of the risk of crowd-related injuries, the majority of businesses not only have sales lined up, but are also opening earlier and earlier to serve consumers. Vote below to let us […]

Weekly Poll: How Do You Pay for School?

School is expensive. Tech’s estimated tuition and fees add up to $4,783 for in-state students taking a 15-hour course load. Undergraduate textbooks cost $1,200 a year, on average, estimates the College Board. And student parking costs at Tech range from $40 to $639 for a nine-month permit. What’s your No. 1 money source to cover these expenses? Tell us in […]

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