Tuning into Tech Sports Media

For fans of sports, there are countless places to go for sports coverage, news and commentary. But, often times, people do not realize how many outlets on campus fill this need. From the latest topics in the mainstream sports media to the lesser known sports organizations on campus, these outlets bring it all. Here are […]

The Hidden Heroes Among Us: Jeremy Sedeño

The Hub@TTU is launching a series focusing on veterans studying at Texas Tech University. The series, which will include photos, videos, diary entries, Q&A’s and profiles, will tell the stories of veterans transitioning back to civilian life and of those that have already made the transition. After dropping out of high school in 1995 and having his first […]

Top Hat: CEO, Students and Professors Weigh In

Top Hat’s online education programs are used by more than two million students at more than 700 universities. Its expansion now includes Texas Tech, where use of Top Hat in classes been met with mixed feelings from students, particularly regarding its cost and usefulness as a way for instructors to give quizzes and take attendance. The interactive teaching […]

Double-Edged Power: Soothe Some, Brainwash Others

Friday, November 13, 2015. This is the day everyone remembers for the horrendous news of the Paris terrorist attacks, in which 130 people were killed. As the situation unfolded, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack. The French flag colors almost immediately flooded the global social space as a symbol through which people expressed sympathy, support and strength in the face […]

“Bass Predators”: Gone North, Gone Fishin’

Welcome to the pilot episode of “Bass Predators,” a fishing television show created and produced by Luke Heath for his mass communications master’s capstone project. It was filmed in northern Minnesota on the Mississippi River. Heath and his brother, Jake Heath, offer advice about fishing while catching tons of Smallmouth Bass. The project was edited and […]

Donate Food in COMC Through Next Saturday

The Texas Tech chapter of the American Meteorological Society is holding a food drive in collaboration with the South Plains Food Bank through Dec. 12 in the College of Media & Communication building. The chapter’s goal is to collect 650 pounds of food, said Timothy Sliwinski, a doctoral candidate and the group’s treasurer, in an email to The Hub@TTU. […]

COMC Giving Back to Veterans

Texas Tech veterans and their families will receive sets of free, personalized greeting cards for the upcoming holiday season — courtesy of the College of Media & Communication. Student volunteers are taking photos of the veterans’ families all day today, Saturday, in the college’s photo lab. The photos will be used to create custom greeting cards to […]

COMC Student-Athletes Raising Standards

Toddrick Gotcher, a guard for the Texas Tech men’s basketball team, often faced the “dumb jock” stereotype when he started his academic and sports career. “Coming into college, that is what everyone thinks,” he said. Since then, he has proven to many that he is more than just an athlete. The exercise and sports science graduate is now pursing […]

Journeying from South Korea to the U.S.

When Hannah Lyons goes out to lunch with her mother, waiters often ask if they want separate checks. Lyons, a public relations major at Tech, was adopted from South Korea when she was three months old. She came to the U.S. after spending time at an orphanage and then with a foster family. A “military man” flew with her from […]

Panel To Discuss ISIS Recruitment Strategies

The U.S. has put much effort and money into combating the jihadist organization Islamic State, known as ISIS, but the group still has between 30,000 and 50,000 militants estimated to be fighting for it. How is that possible? This is a question Dean David Perlmutter has sought to answer in his research. He is studying how the group’s has managed […]

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