Not Your Average Recreation Center

One of the first things incoming students see on their school tour of Texas Tech is the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center. The facility has many things to offer students besides a good workout.

According to Texas Tech Rec Sports, the student recreation center offers a variety of services to students, including fitness classes, team sports and even jobs for students.

Peewee Roberson, director of recreation sports, has been in his position for seven years. His favorite part of his job is being able to work with the students.

“We are very proud to say we hire about 500 students every year,” Roberson said. “We cannot run rec sports without the students.”

Roberson said he feels the work program at the rec center offers many employment and learning opportunities. Not only is there room to advance, but Roberson said working at the rec center can teach some real life skills.

It is all about what the students want at the rec center, Roberson said. When students requested TVs on the workout machines, the rec center obliged. The rec center has done away with two racquetball courts to make room for a high intensity interval training classroom and a personal training room.

“We have updated the WiFi in the building, because students like to use their phones in the building,” Roberson said. “Am I crazy about having WiFi in the middle of the basketball court? No, but kids waiting to play the next game maybe will use their phones.”

Kevin Koestler, former SGA graduate vice-president, said the rec center at Texas Tech provides an outlet for students to get away from school, relieve stress and meet new students.

Tech’s Student Recreational Center is also open to Lubbock residents for a fee. Picture by Karly Johnson.

The rec center has the largest rock wall in the Big 12 Koestler said, a very unique feature of our rec center. He also said the leisure pool and lazy river are things that make our rec center stand out, and he liked to use it himself from time to time.

“I’ve actually been on a lot of tours of other recreation centers for SGA,” Koestler said. “Honestly speaking, I think our recreation center is the best, not only in terms of resources but also the size.”

Koestler said he used to work for the rec center himself. He said it is really cool working there, and they are flexible with the hours you work. He also said there is room to grow when working there. He saw a friend start off working there part-time, worked throughout his college career and now works there full-time.

Zach Garrett, a senior mechanical engineering major, said he has worked multiple jobs for the recreation center.

Garett said he worked three years as an intramural referee for the rec center. He said after the intramural season you are encouraged to apply more managing positions. Eventually, he said he ended up working a semester as the intramural programing assistant.

“Personally I don’t think there is a better job to work on campus,” Garrett said. “It is convenient, the hours are flexible and the money is decent.”

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Garrett said the he enjoyed being around other students and sports while working for the rec center. He said he loved being around the competitive atmosphere.

In his personal time, Garrett said he liked to use the rec center for getting a workout or playing basketball. There are a lot of different things the recreation center has to offer, Garrett said, he just has not been able to use them all.

“It is a great place to go work out and get some exercise,” Garrett said. “It is also a good place to meet some nice people who share some common interests.”

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