Tech Students Making Massive Gains

Lifting weights and staying healthy can be more than just a hobby. For some Texas Tech students, it is a lifestyle. Bodybuilding, exercising to increase muscle size and and strength, is more than just lifting weights day and night. For serious body builders, it is a juggling act between training, school, dieting and trying to […]

Virtual Games Changing Reality of Competitions

By Chaz Wilson A new type of professional “athlete” has emerged, as young people increasingly choose computers and controllers over traditional balls and bats. Playing video games professionally is growing in popularity, with tournaments all over the world. Successful gamers can earn millions, with many earning their fortune and retiring before the age of 30. Nathan Walker, […]

Student Creates App to Encourage Hispanic Voters

By Megan Reyna Noelle Vela always knew she wanted to give back to her community. Through the College of Media & Communication Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group, she was given that opportunity in a unique way. Vela led the way in developing a political engagement app aimed towards Hispanic teenagers. Vela, a graduate student and […]

SGA Leaders: Experience Outweighs Job Perks

One of the many reasons to pursue a student leader position on the Texas Tech campus is because the gig often comes with a salary and some cushy perks. But is anyone getting rich? The most recent data available from the American Student Government Association, or ASGA, shows Holton Westbrook, the president of the Texas Tech […]

COMC Student Ridin’ to Vegas for Miss Rodeo America

Kagan Massey’s passion for rodeo started early in life. She began riding at the age of 5, competing in events at 8 and rodeo queening at 13. Her interest stemmed from seeing a family friend, who was the county rodeo queen, participating in events. “It was the perfect combination of pageant with riding,” Massey said. Born and raised in New Mexico, […]

First PR Showdown is Held, Winning Team Awarded Professional Development Trip

Wednesday evening, four fortunate students in the Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication each received a plane ticket from Southwest Airlines to travel anywhere they wish in the U.S. at no cost. This award was the first place prize for the winning team at the PR Showdown, a public relations contest in which […]

Tech Competes for Best Wine Cocktail

More than 20 Texas Tech University students are creating concoctions using wine, each hoping to take home the first best wine cocktail title against Sonoma State University. A press release announced Tech students from Natalia Velikova’s wine marketing class will be experimenting with cocktail recipes made with wine instead of liquor and entering the best concoctions in the contest […]

Make It Work!

As she walked around the room it was obvious this wasn’t her first rodeo. With only 30 minutes to grab supplies and seven and a half hours to complete an entire outfit, it was amazing to watch not only her pieces of fabric turn into something I would buy on the rack, but her competitors’ […]

Fright Film Fest Rules

Sarah and Lawrence flesh out the details of our October Film competition.  

The HUB@TTU's Fright Film Fest

Here at HUBquarters, we decided to throw a film festival! We need all aspiring movie directors, screen writers, and actors to get together and create some horror films. All films must be seven minutes or shorter. There is also no nudity allowed, and people cannot be injured during the making of the film. If you need help, […]

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