Gluten Free is Sooo Granola

By: Jessica Carr A Lubbock granola business has been able to rapidly expand with the help and support from a local superfood café. Looking back, Meradyth Vestal, co-owner of Sooo Granola, would have never imagined her ailing digestive issues and the adventure to healing those stomach problems would have started her on the path she […]

Superfoods are Super Trendy

Quinoa and chia and kale, oh my! According to Mintel, there was a 202 percent increase globally in superfood product development between 2011 and 2015. According to its records, that number is going up as a result of strong consumer demand for highly nutritious products. The beginning of the superfoods trend is not entirely clear. Some […]

Fit Is Chic

The last time I went to the Texas Tech Recreational Sports Center the majority of the people around me looked miserable. One guy on the stairmaster was huffing and puffing while the girl across the way looked as if she was training for the Olympics — unwillingly. Many people view fitness as something that’s a […]

Beauty + Birchbox = Genius

Today, is the best day I’ve had all week. ‘Why’ you ask? Because a Birchbox was finally delivered to my front door. If you haven’t heard of Birchbox yet, today is your lucky day. This company is revolutionizing the way beauty, skin, and hair products are introduced to the world. I heard about them through […]

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