About JOUR 4350

JOUR 4350 is the multiplatform news delivery class, which is the capstone class for journalism majors within the College of Media & Communication.

Dreamers’ Future in Limbo

By Lilly Quiroz Saba Nafees emigrated Lahore, Pakistan and came to the U.S. at the age of eleven to purse a better education. Today, she attends Texas Tech University as a doctoral student in mathematical biology. She is a DACA recipient. On Jan. 25, 2017, in an interview with ABC News, President Trump said, “[Dreamers] […]

Smart Choices Help Students Eat Healthier

By Jessica Carr When students are busy trying to adjust to their schedule and get accustomed to campus dining, eating healthy can often get pushed to the side. According to findings in a study conducted by Oregon State University, college students are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. In fact, the study shows that male […]

A Grim Future For The Box Office

By: Zach Bedair The days of excitement about going to the movies might be over. After a summer of flops featuring: “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the domestic box office has reportedly suffered its worst attended summer movie season in […]

Not the First Time: Social Protesting in Sports

By Billy Ingle Currently in the National Football League, there are many players and coaches that have decided to join the social protest of taking a knee during the national anthem. There has been debate whether the protest is disrespectful or justified, what is not up for debate is how sports have been a useful […]

Red Light Cameras and Driver Safety in West Texas

By Haley Davis If you have ever sped to beat a red light in the Hub City, a photo of your license plate won’t be showing up in your mailbox anytime soon. Unlike Amarillo and New Mexico, red light cameras in Lubbock are a thing of the past. Though it may come as a comfort […]

Sports Nutrition: More than Just Feeding Athletes

By Laura Ragsdale The pressure to perform well at the collegiate level is at the forefront of every athlete’s mind. However, something that seems to be the foundation of their performance, is properly fueling their bodies. Director of Texas Tech University Sports Nutrition Program, Dayna McCutchin, said she was the school’s first registered dietitian when […]

Sustainability or Accountability?

By Lilly Quiroz Texas Tech University was recently ranked No. 215 among the Sierra Club 2017 “Cool Schools.” Universities were ranked according to sustainability practices in areas such as innovation and academics. Texas A&M University came in at No. 127. Other Texas schools that ranked higher than Tech include Rice University, University of Texas Arlington, […]

Gluten Free is Sooo Granola

By: Jessica Carr A Lubbock granola business has been able to rapidly expand with the help and support from a local superfood café. Looking back, Meradyth Vestal, co-owner of Sooo Granola, would have never imagined her ailing digestive issues and the adventure to healing those stomach problems would have started her on the path she […]

BurkTech Players Prepare for Upcoming Performance

By Megan Reyna As Morgan Brundett anxiously watched her fellow company members rehearse the opening scene of her play, a theatre major in the crowd reassured her, saying “part of theater is being uncomfortable.” Brundett is a transition student at the Burkhart Center for Autism Education and Research and the first BurkTech Player on the […]

State Hiring Freeze Takes Tech by Surprise, Complicates Hiring Process

By Elizabeth Hale During his State of the State address in January, Gov. Greg Abbott announced plans of a hiring freeze for institutions for higher education and most state agencies in Texas. Texas Tech faculty and staff in certain departments may be affected, depending on where funds for their salaries come from. Dennis Patterson, department […]

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