Intramural Spotlight: Modern Dueling

Growing up, it would be hard to name a daredevil who did not want to try sword fighting or spend their days playing with sharp objects. Fencing roots travel back to duels and self-defense, but a modern twist to the popular sport developed with collegiate fencing in 1941. Compared to other sports, there are not […]

Intramural Spotlight: In It to Quidditch

  No longer just a magical game inspired by J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series, Quidditch is becoming a popular sport amongst college students. In watching a game, you will see a field full of players running with brooms between their legs at all times. The objective is for the chasers to score a volleyball through […]

Red Raider Toddrick Gotcher is Now Balling in Greece

By Steven Rodriguez For most collegiate student athletes, the journey to the professional leagues is nothing short of impossible. This was not the case for Texas Tech basketball alumnus Toddrick Gotcher. Gotcher started his five-year career at Texas Tech in 2011 and has never looked back. He has now left United States to continue his dream of […]

Not Your Average Recreation Center

One of the first things incoming students see on their school tour of Texas Tech is the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center. The facility has many things to offer students besides a good workout. According to Texas Tech Rec Sports, the student recreation center offers a variety of services to students, including fitness classes, team sports […]

Tech Students Making Massive Gains

Lifting weights and staying healthy can be more than just a hobby. For some Texas Tech students, it is a lifestyle. Bodybuilding, exercising to increase muscle size and and strength, is more than just lifting weights day and night. For serious body builders, it is a juggling act between training, school, dieting and trying to […]

The Chase to Nationals Runs Through Lubbock

The regional club soccer tournament comes to Lubbock this weekend. Texas Tech University’s men’s and women’s teams will be facing off against colleges from all over, with the top two teams going to nationals in November. According to the NIRSA Region IV South Tournament website, there will be a total of 20 teams competing in the […]

Gambling, It’s No Fantasy

Although college students are known to be short on cash, many participate in fantasy football leagues, making a risky short-term investment for a potential gain at the season’s end if their team performs well. In Texas, it is illegal to place a bet on the partial result, final result or on a participant in a game or contest. Defenses […]

Greeks Fall on Intramural Field

Until this semester, the Texas Tech Greek Intramural Program allowed fraternities and sororities to compete exclusively on the same field. Because this league has been eliminated, Greek students now compete in the open intramural league with all other students. There are multiple intramural sports to play, in different kinds of leagues, according to the Robert […]

Game Day on a School Night

When Texas Tech University’s football team plays The University of Kansas Thursday night in Lubbock, some students and faculty will take the day off to attend the 7:30 p.m. game. Others will be working through the nationally televised contest, administering and taking tests. Students and faculty received an email last Thursday making them aware of the football […]

Club Sports Offer Fun, Competition

Not every student-athlete in college is a part of an NCAA program. Thousands of students across the country, and hundreds across campus, are keeping their competitiveness alive through club sports. According to club presidents, unlike intramural sports, club sports require dues payments and more time commitment. Club sports also travel and play against other colleges. There […]

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