The Truth Behind Homelessness

By: Steven Rodriguez Imagine waking up from eight hours of sleep on a soon-to-be lazy Sunday morning. The house temperature is set to 72 degrees, and you walk out of your room to watch the upcoming NFL games with your significant other making breakfast. Now imagine not having that. You wake up outside on the cold concrete during a freezing December day — having only an hour of sleep and nothing but a shopping cart […]

Adulting 101: How to Recycle

In this episode of Adulting 101, Austin and Christian talk about the importance of recycling and how you can make an impact right here at Texas Tech University. Like Austin says, while the US accounts for only five percent of the world’s population, it creates more waste than any other country in the world. If […]

How to be a Friend: Suicide Prevention

This segment focuses on student mental health; specifically, what one should do if a friend is experiencing a crisis. We spoke to mental health advocates around Lubbock to learn more about what we can do as friends for someone experiencing suicidal thoughts. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 Texas Tech Risk Intervention Safety and Education Office: […]

Sustainability or Accountability?

By Lilly Quiroz Texas Tech University was recently ranked No. 215 among the Sierra Club 2017 “Cool Schools.” Universities were ranked according to sustainability practices in areas such as innovation and academics. Texas A&M University came in at No. 127. Other Texas schools that ranked higher than Tech include Rice University, University of Texas Arlington, […]

Increasing Textbook Prices Upset Students

When a new semester rolls around, students know they are going to break the bank on one thing alone. Purchasing textbooks. Since 2006, the cost of a college textbook has increased by 73 percent, which happens to be more than four times the rate of inflation – according to Covering the Cost, a report from […]

A Colorful Celebration of Culture

The Holi Festival, also known as the “Festival of Colors,” is a Hindu festival celebrating Spring and other famous Hindu mythologies, mainly the triumph of “good over evil.” Texas Tech held its own celebration on Saturday. Its main purpose is to push past social boundaries of caste, race, and other barriers to bring people together […]

Tuning into Tech Sports Media

For fans of sports, there are countless places to go for sports coverage, news and commentary. But, often times, people do not realize how many outlets on campus fill this need. From the latest topics in the mainstream sports media to the lesser known sports organizations on campus, these outlets bring it all. Here are […]

Humans of Diversity Week

Diversity Week is “dedicated to celebrating and understanding the importance of diversity” on Texas Tech’s campus. What are the qualities that you feel make you unique? RG: I was born in Mexico but lived the most of my life in the bottom of Texas. I am mostly reserved and quiet. I think most of it […]

Dealing with Loss at Texas Tech

Members of the Texas Tech club rugby team gathered in a meeting room of the recreation building on Texas Tech University’s campus. Usually, they would be out on the rugby field warming up for practice. It was unknown to the players as most of them trickled in, but a teammate and friend was missing from the group. […]

History of the Hub City: Celebrating 108 Years

On March 16, 1909 the city of Lubbock was incorporated, becoming home to 1,938 people. Located at the convergence of U.S. Routes 62 and 84, the Hub City became the center for all things agriculture, transportation, education and technology. According to the city website, Lubbock was named for Thomas S. Lubbock, a Texas Ranger and […]

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