Conversations with Candidates: Fearless

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. As expressed in their bloc’s name, four candidates for executive positions of the Student Government Association hope to fearlessly lead the students of Texas Tech University. Hunter Hall, candidate for student body president, said his main initiative focuses on sexual assault. He said survivors should know they are not […]

Conversations with Candidates: Raiders Empowered

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. As expressed in their bloc’s name, four candidates for Student Government Association’s executive positions hope to empower students if elected. Their initiatives hope to improve safety and student life at Texas Tech University. Robbie Meyer, candidate for student body president, said he would like to implement WiFi in the […]

The Hidden Heroes Among Us: Odes Gish

Since being adopted at the age of 13, the road to Texas Tech University for Odes Gish was far from traditional. Searching for a way to become more self-disciplined and motivated, Gish enlisted in the United States Army in 2009 after graduating from high school. Now, he walks among the other Red Raiders on campus. Now a […]

The Hidden Heroes Among Us: Jeremy Sedeño

The Hub@TTU is launching a series focusing on veterans studying at Texas Tech University. The series, which will include photos, videos, diary entries, Q&A’s and profiles, will tell the stories of veterans transitioning back to civilian life and of those that have already made the transition. After dropping out of high school in 1995 and having his first […]

The Major Change

Many students at Texas Tech University and across the country risk changing their major in pursuit of happiness. At Texas Tech, an average student has the potential to choose from 12 different colleges and 88 different courses of study. On average, 80 percent of college students in the U.S. changes their major at least once, […]

School Spirit Shines During Season Opener

Waking up early to get to the tailgate you have thought about all week. Making the pilgrimage to Chimy’s to get a mid-day margarita before the line gets crazy. Slipping on the perfect boots to match the red and black outfit that took way too long to pick out. These are a couple of things that […]

Campus Alcohol Tickets — Here to Stay?

As one of its election initiatives, the new executive board of the Texas Tech Student Government Association aimed to “create a safer alcohol culture by lobbying for good samaritan laws and fewer [public intoxication tickets] on campus.” Texas Tech requires all incoming freshman to complete AlcoholEDU, an online program about the mental and physical effects of alcohol, […]

So You Think You Can Senior: Freaky Freshman to Sizzlin’ Senior

We went from “red bags” touring the Texas Tech campus to freshmen in college. I remember thinking I had to look perfect on the first day of college, just like high school. I was also hoping I could find my classes and not embarrass myself by walking into the wrong class. I now know I looked like a freak […]

Juggling Life: Young Parents Tell Their Stories

By Natalie Morales Three in 10 American girls and women will get pregnant at least once before the age of 20, meaning there are nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. The U.S. has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world. Parenthood is the leading reason why teens and young women in their 20s drop out of school. […]

Grand Theft Auto: Hub City

Justin Sudduth parked his car outside of his friend’s apartment at The Suites at Overton Park on Saturday night before going out to a bar on Broadway. He locked it and took the keys with him. When he returned, his car was gone. “My immediate thought was that maybe it just got towed,” the senior […]

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