Tech Moo-ving Forward with Vet School

By Callie Yardley Plans to open a veterinarian school at the Amarillo branch of the Texas Tech University Health Science Center have become more concrete with the announcement of  a target completion date: 2019. Guy Loneragan, a professor of food safety and public health and a veterinarian, said veterinarians have been an integral part of Texas […]

Student Spotlight: Locke Takes on New York

It took many hours of research and many Google searches for Lauren Locke, a Texas Tech graduate student, to find her dream internship. But the effort paid off. This fall, she is hard at work at the Rockefeller Center  in New York as an intern for the “The Meredith Vieira Show.” “It still gives me chills walking […]

Intern Roulette

Finding an internship is a total gamble. There are good internships and there are bad internships, it’s all about finding the right one for you. A part of finding a suitable internship is knowing what you want to do with your life, which can be easier said than done. Sometimes it’s best just to roll […]

MAIP Deadline

Update as of October 21, the MAIP application deadline has been extended to November 15. If you are interested in applying for MAIP, you now have more time.

Three Production Internships With ESPN

Interested in production? Do you like sports? Do watch ESPN? If you answered yes to all, then here are three dream internships for you.

Why You Can And Should Attend HAATBP

Attention all diverse individuals interested in advertising — a big opportunity exists for you.

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