Weekly Poll: Online Misrepresentation

Brought to mainstream attention by the MTV show “Catfish,” some people choose to misrepresent themselves through social media. The television show tells stories of people who have online relationships, but have never actually met their significant other. While it may seem obvious that the people in this show are being fooled, there are many ways to […]

Weekly Poll: Religion

According to the Pew Research Center, 47 percent of college students consider religion very important, with 36 percent of them attending religious services at least once a week. In Lubbock, previously ranked as the second most conservative city in the United States, students have an abundance of student ministry options, with most places of worship […]

Weekly Poll: Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Last week, Target announced transgender staff members and customers are now welcome to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds best with their gender identity. Since the announcement, many Target customers have openly boycotted the superstore and refused to go back because of the new policy. Gender-neutral restrooms have been a hot topic across […]

Weekly Poll: Fake IDs

Local bars have recently cracked down on fake ID use, with many Broadway establishments requesting multiple forms of identification before one is allowed to enter. According to a 2013 poll, a quarter of 1,000 students surveyed used a fake ID to obtain alcohol before they turned 21. The more frequently the respondents used fake IDs, […]

Weekly Poll: Have You Abused Prescription Drugs?

In the past week, two Texas Tech students have died from suspected overdoses of prescription drugs mixed with narcotics. In another incident, John Henry Allen stabbed Tech student Zachary Kafer reportedly while on 120 milligrams of prescription drug Vyvanse. In a previous poll on The Hub@TTU, 62 percent of respondents reported illegally using prescription drugs Adderall and […]

Weekly Poll: How Will You Spend Winter Break?

The library is clearing out. Students have finished projects and tests, and many are packing up to go home for the holidays. Winter break is almost here. Texas Tech’s last day of final exams is Wednesday. Campus buildings will close on Thursday, to be reopened mid-January. Tell us below, what will you be doing during […]

Weekly Poll: How Do You Get To Class?

It is not news that parking can be a hassle at Texas Tech. A recent article published by The Hub@TTU  suggest more than half of the 10,000 commuters to campus substitute driving a vehicle with other means of transportation, such as pedaling bicycles, walking or riding the bus. Tell us below, how do you get to class?

Weekly Poll: Are Black Friday Deals Worth the Crowds?

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the day when stores are supposed to get out of financial loss and back “in the black,” an accounting term for making profit. In spite of the risk of crowd-related injuries, the majority of businesses not only have sales lined up, but are also opening earlier and earlier to serve consumers. Vote below to let us […]

Weekly Poll: When is it Appropriate to Decorate for Christmas?

Halloween has passed, and retail stores are stocking up for the Christmas holidays. Different branches of Christianity have different suggestions for when it is appropriate to decorate. Tell us, when do you think it is OK to begin decking the halls with boughs of holly?

What Is Your Greatest Fear?

Homes are laced with cobweb string. Plastic tombstones have sprung up in yards. Actors at haunted attractions are painting on fake blood, and Alamo Drafthouse is screening classic horror flicks. Halloween is coming. And even if you are more into treats than tricks, let us know: what is your greatest fear? [Poll compiled in collaboration […]

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