Being Transgender in Lubbock

By Hope Lenamon Cameron Crumbley and Jody Randall sit next to each other in a small office tucked away in the Center for Campus Life at Texas Tech University. To anyone passing by, these two people appear polar opposites. Crumbley is a dark-eyed, brown-haired, college-aged guy, Randall, a light-eyed, blonde, middle-aged woman. However, one aspect […]

Who Makes More in Tips? Most Say Women Do

By Kortni Robinson and Nicole Casperson Struggling college student Audrey Parisi works weekends at Las Brisas Steakhouse to make ends meet. On Friday nights, Parisi comes in hoping to be assigned as a bar back on the patio, where the men hang out, to get the big bucks in tips. “I make more as a […]

Think Like a Man. Act Like a Lady. Work Like a Horse.

By Karla Rodriguez Christy Martinez-Garcia knows what it is like to be working hard and hoping for a raise. Now the owner of Latino Lubbock Magazine, she recalls experiencing gender inequality years ago as an employee of the City of Lubbock. “For the work that I was doing, I was very underpaid,” Martinez-Garcia said. “I was […]

Weekly Poll: Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Last week, Target announced transgender staff members and customers are now welcome to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds best with their gender identity. Since the announcement, many Target customers have openly boycotted the superstore and refused to go back because of the new policy. Gender-neutral restrooms have been a hot topic across […]

Empowering Women, One Step at a Time

By Karla Rodriguez Tiarre Pierce, a senior human sciences and pre-nursing major at Texas Tech, remembers feeling oppressed while studying abroad in India. During her clinical rotations, she witnessed first-hand the inequality women experience. “They go and get a second opinion from a male doctor and don’t feel like you’re worthy enough because you’re a […]

Women's Equality Day Is Going To The Birds

Not only is Aug. 26th the first day of school, but it’s also Women’s Equality Day. According to Patricia Earl, unit coordinator for Tech’s Women’s Studies Program, the special day is going to be celebrated in a modern way. Earl said Tech’s Women’s Studies Program is celebrating Women’s Equality Day but conducting a tweet chat […]

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