Story behind the Story Podcast: Episode One

In the Story behind the Story podcast, which debuts with an interview of Lubbock Avalanche-Journal reporter Lucinda Holt, The Hub@TTU will explore how journalists find and report stories. The podcast’s content will be both local and national in scope, covering a variety of topics, from crime to sports to human interest and general news. Texas […]

Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas?

By Blaine Hill ‘Tis the season for feasts, holiday parties and Christmas shenanigans. Can you imagine a birthday celebration on top of all this? But December babies say their birthdays have never been eclipsed by the other festivities. Weston Davis, an electronic media and communications major at Texas Tech, was born on Dec. 15. He said his family always worked hard […]

Living in a Trump World: Tech Students React

By Leigh Waldman It’s been more than three weeks since Donald Trump was elected president, an event that resulted in protests as well as celebrations across the country. Even though a majority of Lubbock County voters chose Trump, reactions by members of the Texas Tech community have been just as diverse as those at the national […]

A Blooming Impact

By Samantha Brookes Most of the time there are fully bloomed, colorful flowers on the Texas Tech University campus, and almost never dead ones. This is ensured by the maintenance crews who plant the flowers already blooming and then replace them when they start to fade. The changing of the flowers on campus, though not as […]

Owning Guns Gives Some Lubbockites Peace of Mind

By Jessica Parrott Two Texas Tech University students, roommates Cole Guarisco and Hayden Hood, live on 28th Street, about three streets away from where a burglary occurred in October. During the burglary in the 3700 block of 28th Street, the suspect was shot in the abdomen by the homeowner. The students said they would have reacted the […]

Increasing International Students, Hard Workers

By Lilly Quiroz During the academic year of 1972-73, there were 146,000 international students in the United States. Last year, there were 974,926, and Texas Tech University accounted for 2,131 of those international students. Binari Witanapatirana, an admissions counselor for marketing at Texas Tech from Colombo, Sri Lanka, came to the U.S. for her undergraduate studies […]

Texas is Feeling Blue

By Kristen Barton The last time Texas elected a democratic presidential candidate was John F. Kennedy forty years ago, which means Texas Tech University students could witness Texas electing a democratic presidential candidate for the first time in their lives on Nov. 8. According to an NPR article, the presidential race is closer in Texas […]

Lee’s Cafe: Food with Soul

Located in the heart of downtown Lubbock, Lee’s Cafe has been cooking up down-home, Southern cuisine that has customers coming back again and again. When you step into Lee’s newly remodeled restaurant, you enter a retro-style time capsule filled with witty wall decals, smiling faces and the mouth-watering aroma of soul food. Raising seven children, Dorothy and Robert Lee had […]

Sexism in Court: Female Attorneys Recall Marcia Clark

By Emily Hamilton “Marcia Clark gets a new hairdo and stuns the courtroom. The District Attorney has never looked more RUFF!” –The National Examiner It was 1994. Heisman winner and NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson had been charged with the brutal slaughtering of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman. Instead, America chose […]

Tech Moo-ving Forward with Vet School

By Callie Yardley Plans to open a veterinarian school at the Amarillo branch of the Texas Tech University Health Science Center have become more concrete with the announcement of  a target completion date: 2019. Guy Loneragan, a professor of food safety and public health and a veterinarian, said veterinarians have been an integral part of Texas […]

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