Weekly Poll: Online Misrepresentation

Brought to mainstream attention by the MTV show “Catfish,” some people choose to misrepresent themselves through social media. The television show tells stories of people who have online relationships, but have never actually met their significant other.

While it may seem obvious that the people in this show are being fooled, there are many ways to misrepresent yourself online. Editing pictures with Photoshop, using someone else’s pictures or lying about personal information such as employment and income are just a few examples.

According to Psychology Today, people are most likely to lie while looking for a date. This poll aims to determine if Tech students have ever experienced this phenomenon of misrepresentation online.


About Maddy McCarty

Maddy is the Graduate Executive Director for The Hub@TTU. She loves reading, writing and petting her cats. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism, is pursuing her master's in mass communications and wants to continue reporting on important issues.

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