Weekly Poll: Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Last week, Target announced transgender staff members and customers are now welcome to use the restroom or fitting room that corresponds best with their gender identity.


Since the announcement, many Target customers have openly boycotted the superstore and refused to go back because of the new policy.

Gender-neutral restrooms have been a hot topic across the nation recently. Many states have recently passed laws regarding LGBTQ individuals, such as the North Carolina “bathroom bill.” This law prohibits people from using restrooms that do not correspond with their biological sex. A proposition allowing people to use which bathroom they choose was rejected by Houston voters last year.

Despite the controversy, many Texas universities, such as Texas State University, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of North Texas, offer unisex or gender-neutral restrooms. Though the issue has been brought up at Texas Tech University in the past, there are few gender-neutral restrooms on campus.

What do you think? Should Texas Tech offer gender-neutral restroom?

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  1. There are, in fact, gender neutral restrooms in the lobbies of the Wall/Gates and Hulen/Clement residence halls.

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