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Maddy is the Graduate Executive Director for The Hub@TTU. She loves reading, writing and petting her cats. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism, is pursuing her master's in mass communications and wants to continue reporting on important issues.

Finding the Golden (Corn) Nugget

All my life, I’ve loved corn. I love it on, but mainly off, the cob. I’ll eat it plain, with butter, salt, creamed, popped, in a cup, baked into bread, but I am here to discuss the best way: stuffed into a nugget and fried. If you’re wondering what is in that brown bag, it is […]

SGA Election Results: Three Victories and a Runoff

On Friday, results from the Student Government Association election were announced. Robbie Meyer will be student body president, Avery Martinez will be external vice president, and Alissa Payne will be internal vice president. There will be a runoff election between Cole McNiel and Shantanu Patil for the position of graduate vice president. “I’m excited,” Ben […]

Conversations with Candidates: Fearless

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. As expressed in their bloc’s name, four candidates for executive positions of the Student Government Association hope to fearlessly lead the students of Texas Tech University. Hunter Hall, candidate for student body president, said his main initiative focuses on sexual assault. He said survivors should know they are not […]

Conversations with Candidates: Raiders Empowered

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. As expressed in their bloc’s name, four candidates for Student Government Association’s executive positions hope to empower students if elected. Their initiatives hope to improve safety and student life at Texas Tech University. Robbie Meyer, candidate for student body president, said he would like to implement WiFi in the […]

Weekly Poll: Online Misrepresentation

Brought to mainstream attention by the MTV show “Catfish,” some people choose to misrepresent themselves through social media. The television show tells stories of people who have online relationships, but have never actually met their significant other. While it may seem obvious that the people in this show are being fooled, there are many ways to […]

SGA Elections: Meet The Blocs

Texas Tech Student Government Association election season has begun. This post introduces each bloc’s executive candidates, although they also have candidates for chief of staff, senator seats, journal clerk and more. The Executive Candidate Forum will be held February 22nd at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building Matador Room. Voting will take place February […]

Looking for Love and Tinder-ness

Billy Ingle contributed to this article. Two Texas Tech students, Kalie Aaron and Aaron Thompson, both love their Red Raiders, being outdoors, and each other. They have been engaged for over a year, but agreed to not tie the knot until they finish college. If it was not for mobile app Tinder, they may have never met. […]

No One’s Wasting Their Drugs on Your Kid

It’s a tale as old as Halloween, or at least as old as the 1970’s. “Make sure you check your children’s Halloween candy!” Online forums and worried mothers have warned repeatedly. Even Abigail Van Buren, author of the “Dear Abby” column, warned readers about razor blades and poison that could potentially be in their children’s Halloween […]

LOCSHARK: Lubbock’s Own Invention

Armani Williams experienced something typical of a college student, losing his phone after a night out with friends. When he found it in a friend’s pantry with a dead battery the next day, he came up with the idea for LOCSHARK. The iPhone 6, 6s and 7 cases use a Bluetooth locking mechanism and GPS tracking device […]

Clear Bags, Full Boots, Can’t Lose

Jennifer Bryant graduated from Texas Tech University in August and is now working towards her master’s degree. Because she was in the Goin’ Band for four years, she was looking forward to her first football game as a spectator, until she was turned away because of her purse. “They just said ‘You can’t come in here […]

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