#TuneInTuesday: Maggie Rogers

Many may be unfamiliar with the unique artist Maggie Rogers, but the 22-year-old has taken the music industry by storm. On February 16, she released her first EP, Now that the Light is Fading, featuring her hit that left Pharrell Williams speechless. Rogers has been making and producing music since she was in high school, but her […]

#TuneInTuesday: Chance Won the Grammys

By Courtney White For some, Sunday may have just been a day to catch up on homework or watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. For me and many others, it was a day to set aside all of my priorities and watch the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. While I am usually displeased with the […]

Texas Tech Takes A Seat At The Table

On Sept. 30th, Solange Knowles — Beyonce’s sister — released her third album, with Texas Tech playing a large part in the visual representation of the music. Portions of a music video from the album were shot at the Texas Tech Aquatic Center and two Texas Tech graduates appeared in it. In a press release about […]

Downtown City Radio Releases First Album

Downtown City Radio will make 20-somethings nostalgic for the pop-punk sounds of their middle and high school years. The band describes its sound as “soul-punk.” Sampson Ma, the lead singer of the band, said he is greatly influenced by soulful music from artists like Patrick Stump, while drummer Brady Sharp likes to bring in elements from his favorite band, […]

All Eyes on You

By Joseph Marcades The curtain goes up. The pressure is on. Few people know the tremors of that precious moment in the spotlight like students in the Texas Tech University School of Music, who are required to perform for their peers and professors many times in their academic careers. The goal is to prepare them […]

Music: Practice Makes Perfect

Texas Tech University School of Music students can be seen performing often, on stage or in the halls of the Student Union Building, to rounds of applause. Behind the curtain, though, their reality is less glamorous: hours and hours of tedious and difficult practice. Perfecting one’s craft is always time-consuming, but music majors are known […]

Adviser Uses Past to Help Students’ Futures

By Kaitlin Bain Returning to Texas Tech University this school year marked a new step in an almost 20-year journey for Heath Tolleson, the journalism adviser at the College of Media & Communication. He first came to Texas Tech in 1997 as an undergraduate studying public relations. He stayed until 2003, when he decided to put more time […]

Digital Music: Who Gets Paid?

By Blake Lucas In the first half of 2015, Americans streamed 135 billion on-demand tracks through services like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, according to a 2015 Nielsen report. Although streaming services are used often, 78 percent of people surveyed said they were unlikely to pay to listen to the music. With many users listening for free, how […]

‘Like A Rolling Stone’: Facing the Future of Music

More than 16 years ago, two teenagers launched an online music platform that enabled users to swap songs. It was called Napster. To some, its creators were heroes, opening up a world of free music for anyone to share and explore. To others, they were thieves, villains even. A lawsuit forced the free service to shut down, […]

Follow Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

By Karla Rodriguez William Thomas Linthicum-Blackhorse hasn’t had an unhappy day since going back to what he loves. Blackhorse, a graduate student at Texas Tech, composed the music for the short film “KISS,” nominated by the Chinese American Film Festival for a 2015 Golden Angel Award—the Chinese equivalent of a U.S. Academy Award. Although the film did not win, […]

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