The Sound of Lubbock

Deep in the heart of Texas is “the friendliest city in America.” Those not from the South Plains might find it hard to believe that Lubbock has more to offer than cotton, haboobs and tumbleweeds. However, there must be something worth mentioning about Lubbock because artists such as Clay Walker, Aaron Watson and Josh Abbott […]

West Texas as a Wine Leader

When West Texas comes to mind, the first thing you think about may not necessarily be wine. However, many wineries in the Lubbock area have rich histories, like Llano Estacado, that are leaving their mark on the growing Texas wine industry. In 1983, the winery decided to replace all its equipment, and installed state-of-the-art tanks, […]

Mr. Peanut is Probably a Texan

By Laura Duclos Texas is the fourth largest peanut producer in the United States, and a lot of peanut farms are on the nearby plains. The Texas Peanut Producers Board, located in Lubbock, is a group of peanut farmers from across the state that promotes awareness for its crops. Hallie Bertrand, director of communications for TPPB, said the group is […]

Texas Boys Ranch: Fostering Hope

By Megan Reyna In 1972, concerned citizens of Lubbock came together for an important cause. The number of homeless, neglected, and dependent boys of the South Plains was substantially growing. Three years later, the Texas Boys Ranch officially opened its doors. Since then, it has provided a chance for young children to grow and develop into productive […]

Texas Tech Takes A Seat At The Table

On Sept. 30th, Solange Knowles — Beyonce’s sister — released her third album, with Texas Tech playing a large part in the visual representation of the music. Portions of a music video from the album were shot at the Texas Tech Aquatic Center and two Texas Tech graduates appeared in it. In a press release about […]

Humans of the South Plains Fair

The smell of funnel cakes, fried cheese on a stick and turkey legs immediately conjure up images of the fair. Those smells were prevalent at the South Plains Fair this week where hundreds of patrons and workers came to enjoy the fun.

10 Memories to Relive (or Make) at Tech

By Kameron Court As graduation day nears, many seniors are flooded with memories of the fun things they have done at Texas Tech in the last four years (or seven, if you’re lucky). Even though the university has a reputation as a party school in the middle of the desert, current students and alumni say […]

West Texas Wine Making Ferments Pride

By Victoria Holloway When Cliff Babbitt retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety in 2006, he decided to start another full-time job: growing wine grapes. His choice is not surprising: The West Texas weather is good for growing quality grapes. Dry heat concentrates the sugars, which makes wine sweeter. A good grape harvest will net […]

Congressional Runoff Debate at Tech Draws Crowd

More than 100 students, faculty and Lubbock residents attended a debate between District 19 congressional candidates Jodey Arrington and Glen Robertson Monday night at the McKenzie Merket Alumni Center to learn about each candidate’s platform. Robertson said the debate highlighted the differences between the candidates, even though both engaged in snide remarks about each other. “I think […]

Conversations with an (Almost) Congressman: Jodey Arrington

Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, is no stranger to Washington, D.C., having worked for President George W. Bush. He is now trying to get back to the capital as a congressman. Arrington is one of two candidates vying for the District 19 congressional seat in the May 24 runoff election. If elected, he hopes his previous experience in Washington will give […]

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