Spring Breakers: Texas Tech Edition

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. Midterms and warm weather are signs that spring break is near. Next week, the Texas Tech campus will be empty and students will be heading to destinations in Texas and beyond. To find out what some Red Raiders are doing for this year’s spring break and some of their […]

Mural of the Story

Lubbock is known for being home to Texas Tech’s Red Raiders, but it is also rich in art, culture, and entertainment. Lubbock’s Cultural District, which includes locations in the Depot District, Texas Tech’s campus, and Art District, is home to fine arts, museums, and musical performances. The Lubbock Cultural District website describes the trendy area: “The […]

College Students More Susceptible to Depression

Clinical depression is more complex than feeling sad. It is an illness that affects how you function at school, work and in relationships. “Depression, it’s one of those things that’s like having another voice in your head telling you these things that you know aren’t true,” Ainsworth said. “Eventually, you just start believing them because […]

SGA Election Results: Three Victories and a Runoff

On Friday, results from the Student Government Association election were announced. Robbie Meyer will be student body president, Avery Martinez will be external vice president, and Alissa Payne will be internal vice president. There will be a runoff election between Cole McNiel and Shantanu Patil for the position of graduate vice president. “I’m excited,” Ben […]

Reel Film Day: A Celebration of 35mm Film

In recent years movies have become more accessible than ever, particularly due to online streaming services. What many do not know is when you take a trip to your local theater to watch the movie you have been dying to see, you are watching it on a digital projector. Digital projectors make playing movies an ease, […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Life as They Know It

On a Saturday morning, a ten-year-old boy walked into his living room where his dad was sitting in his favorite chair watching television while his mom and sister were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. He did not know it then, but this was the last time his father would be in that chair for years […]

Sports Concussions: A Lasting Impact

Sydney Cook remembers waking up in the hospital, with no recollection of how she got there. After watching a video with her mom sitting next to her, it became clear. During a Wylie High School soccer game, Cook went up for a header against her opponent, was hit in the back of the head and pushed […]

Intramural Spotlight: Technique Overpowers Strength

You may have seen it in movies, TV shows, or attempted to physically fight your sibling at some point. Many know martial arts, but not the specific forms behind the sport. JUDO Judo originated in Japan and was used by the samurai and feudal warrior class for over hundreds of years to hurt, maim or kill […]

Eating Around The World: Lubbock Style

Those who have not visited Lubbock tend to sell it short. While many think Lubbock is only flat lands and tumble weeds, it actually has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to food. The restaurants featured in this article will help you satisfy any cravings, no matter what culture they come from. American  If […]

Planting a Seed: Black History at Texas Tech

According to History.com, the story of Black History Month began in 1915. Historian Carter G. Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH).  This was an organization dedicated to researching and promoting achievements by black Americans and others of African descent. In 1926, the group […]

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