Raider Reel Presents: Halloween Short Films

Throughout this semester, many Texas Tech University student filmmakers have been busy producing short films for the first Raider Reel Presents competition.

The horror or thriller-themed short films had to be between two and five minutes in length and were judged by Texas Tech professors. Five of the submitted films will be sent to film festivals as one piece.

First Place: “Jamais Vu” by Ayo Olajimi, Melissa Garza, Selasi Kudowor and Dylan Lowery

Second Place: “Home Invasion” by Jacob Ewing

Third Place: “Stay In” by Brandon Lingnau

“Night Owl” by John Hackney

About Sarah Self-Walbrick

Graduate Executive Director — Mass Communication Graduate Student, Class of 2017
Sarah, a Lubbock native, has two bachelor of art degrees in electronic media and communication and journalism, and is pursuing a master's in mass communications. She loves Texas, her husband and dog, and good storytelling.

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