Short Film: Night of the Deadly Puppet

What started out as a Snapchat series starring a puppet is now a short film featured in an international film festival.

Ricardo Cortez, a senior electronic media and communications major, came up with the idea for “Night of the Deadly Puppet” over the summer after making Snapchats featuring his childhood toy, Roger. Starring his little brother, Rameses, Cortez made the film entirely himself, from storyboarding to editing.

The film will be featured at the OBX Entertainment Halloween International Film Festival in North Carolina in October.


About Sarah Self-Walbrick

Graduate Executive Director — Mass Communication Graduate Student, Class of 2017
Sarah, a Lubbock native, has two bachelor of art degrees in electronic media and communication and journalism, and is pursuing a master's in mass communications. She loves Texas, her husband and dog, and good storytelling.

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