14 New Artists of 2017

2017 has been incredibly fruitful in terms of musical releases, in particular the new acts we have been introduced to.

So, in that spirit, here is The Hub@TTU’s list of exciting new artists of 2017. Happy listening.

1. Alex Lahey

Hailing from Australia, Alex Lahey brings an exciting, blissful energy to indie rock. On her very fun debut album “Love You Like a Brother,” Lahey brings killer hooks and stellar songwriting to make for an exciting thrill of a debut effort.

2. Anna of the North

Ever the recluse, the Norwegian dream pop singer has had but a few singles spanning back to 2014, but had yet to release a proper full-length project; and on her dreamy debut “Lovers,” the singer provides a laid back, atmospheric soundtrack tailor-made for the romantics among us.

3. Blis

Riding the wave of the emo revival are Blis. The band from Atlanta provide high-energy riffs and melancholy songwriting — all punctuated by frontman Aaron Gossett’s piercing yet hush vocals — on their excellent debut “No One Loves You.”


From the mind of Kevin Abstract, comes the hip-hop “boy band” from San Marcos, Texas. 2017 has been gracious to BROCKHAMPTON. With back-to-back incredible albums in their “Saturation” series — with a third on the way — BROCKHAMPTON has taken over the internet, and soon will have taken over the culture as well.

5. Cende

Cende are one of the most exciting new indie bands to come out this year. There’s no excess, no flash, just catchy, invigorating rock tunes.

On their debut album, “#1 Hit Single,” the band rock the house with well-crafted rock songs that pack a lot of energy and a lot of heart.

6. Great Grandpa

The four-piece “snack rock” outfit from Seattle are not what they seem. They are not made up of anyone who is a great grandpa. No, they are comprised of charming, irreverent youth capturing the spirit of being in your 20’s.

This spirit is fully realized on their debut album, “Plastic Cough.” Alex Menne’s smooth vocal delivery and lyricism navigate the confusion, frustration and fun of being young in today’s society.

Complemented by grungy instrumental backdrops, Great Grandpa is here to tell you life is hard, so have fun.

7. Hoops

What started as Drew Auscherman’s passion project, Hoops is a prime example of the DIY ethos that permeated throughout indie music right now. Releasing EP’s on cassette tapes and making sure their songs were made in their mom’s basement in 1986 (in the best possible way), Hoops carry that direction on their debut, “Routines,” an excellent realization of their brand of lo-fi synth rock.

8. Jay Som

Melina Duterte’s (who performs under Jay Som) newfound success has the most human of origins. After working a series of regular jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, Duterte, on a whim, drunkenly shared music she had been working on, on Bandcamp.

After that, she was opening for Japanese Breakfast and Mitski. And those songs? They were turned into an album, “Turn Into”, reissued on Polyvinyl Records.

These origins are the spirit of one of 2017’s best albums, “Everybody Works” (which she recorded by herself in her bedroom). Duterte notes that everyone is working on something, whether it be financially, mentally or emotionally. We all have problems.

Combining stripped-back indie rock, pop, rhythm and blues and a love for Carly Rae Jepsen, “Everybody Works” is a debut for the ages and Jay Som has nowhere to go but up.

9. Little Rêd

Welsh songstress Ellie James made a strong debut with her hazy pop ballad “Hell” this past May.

Under the Little Rêd moniker, James combines elements of electro and dream pop to create dazzling heartfelt ballads.

2017 was a sample of what she can do. Here is to hoping she takes 2018 by storm.

10. Pale Waves

Matty Healy really loves pop rock in the vein of his own band The 1975. So much in fact, he got this band, Pale Waves, a deal with the same label, Dirty Hit Records.

But it is not surprising why. Pale Waves’ sound and aesthetic is a clear nod to The 1975, but that is not a bad thing.

The band have a sharp sense of melody and fantastical songwriting out of a dream — showcased on their breezy single “Television Romance.”

11. Rico Nasty

There is nothing subtle about Rico Nasty. She is crass, in your face, yet oddly endearing. Rico Nasty blends a style of pure rapping and intoxicating melodies to create lighthearted pop trap full of bravado.

Though she has had a series of minor hits in 2016 with tracks like “Hey Arnold,” 2017 has been a breakout year for the rapper with singles like “Poppin'” (which made an appearance on HBO’s “Insecure”) and her delightful “Tales of Tacobella” mixtape.

Rico Nasty is a rapper who needs to be on your radar.

12. Snail Mail

Lindsey Jordan is wise beyond her years. Not too long ago, she had to be granted permission to take a few weeks off of high school to tour with her band Snail Mail.

The intelligence of Jordan can be heard all over Snail Mail’s EP “Habit,” a succinct collection of lo-fi indie rock gems.

The raw, grimy trudging guitars and Jordan’s dreamy vocal delivery are an odd match, but pulled off in the best way.


Lætitia Tamko’s first full album as Vagabon is an excellent showcase of the multiple sonic styles Tamko has mastered.

From the bare bones indie rock, dreamy electro pop and sometimes a combination of both, “Infinite Worlds” is a piece of indie art that expands the boundaries of what indie rock music can be.

Tamko’s thematic concepts are deeply rooted in identity, as the Vagabon moniker suggests. Tamko is well-traveled, very intelligent and exists in a unique space as a black woman in a music culture still dominated by white men.

Let us hope for more creative envelope-pushing from Tamko in the future.

14. Yaeji

The 88rising, Brooklyn-based dance artist Yaeji is on the precipice of stardom.

Providing an ambient, nocturnal atmosphere to her brand of dance/electronic music, Yaeji is a good indicator of what is next for house music, with her most recent output “EP2” showcasing just that.

She can slow it down and speed it up, and provide hush vocal melodies to fuel your late-night parties.


Listen to our playlist below.

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