Know the Law: Texting and Driving

With the Sept. 1 signing of Texas House Bill 62, texting and driving is now against the law statewide. According to HB 62, it is now illegal for Texans to read, write or send any electronic message from a wireless device while driving. However, this does not include when the car is stopped. As for […]

The LSAT Takes Another Victim

104 days, 270 plus hours, hundreds of practice questions and eight practice exams; all for a four-hour test that will quite literally change my life. This year, around 23,000 people took the June Law School Admission Test, according to the Law School Admissions Council’s website. The June LSAT is just one of four LSATs given each […]

Tech Profs: Apple, FBI Battle Highlights Privacy Concerns

By Rachel Blevins The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced Monday that it has found an “outside party” to successfully hack the iPhone belonging to a suspect in the San Bernardino shooting. The FBI had earlier gone to court to force Apple Inc. to create software to override the iPhone’s encryption, claiming it was the only […]

Weekly Poll: What is Your Opinion of Campus Carry?

This summer, Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 11, more commonly known as “Campus Carry.” It will allow licensed gun owners to bring concealed firearms onto college and university campuses in Texas, starting next fall. Tell us whether you agree with this change in the poll below.

Students Will Get Busted in Texas for Marijuana Bought Legally in Colorado

Some Texas Tech students are buying marijuana in Colorado and other states where it is legal and then getting arrested for possession after bringing it back to Texas. Jill S. Stangl, managing director of Tech’s Student Legal Services, said she’s dealt with cases where Tech students purchase marijuana or edibles in Colorado and travel back to Texas with […]

Potential End to the DREAM

Saba Nafees, a mathematical biology graduate student, is the Texas Tech University Student Government Association graduate vice president, a member of the national White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and hopes to be a doctor. She said all of her accomplishments were made possible because of one Texas bill. According to the […]

Iron Lady Passes – 10 Things To Know, March 8th

1) Requiescat in Pace – Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, passed away this morning. She was 87. Los Angeles Times 2) Animal Protection – The Texas legislature sees proposals to protect the lives of many animals, from stray dogs to sharks in the Gulf. Dallas Morning News 3) Battlefield 2016 […]

Recording Police Officers Controversial

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