Iron Lady Passes – 10 Things To Know, March 8th

1) Requiescat in Pace – Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, passed away this morning. She was 87. Los Angeles Times

2) Animal Protection – The Texas legislature sees proposals to protect the lives of many animals, from stray dogs to sharks in the Gulf. Dallas Morning News

3) Battlefield 2016 – The “Battleground Texas” movement continues in Killeen — 30 miles from where I grew up! Bloomberg

4) Guns In Class – Hundreds of Texas educators are taking concealed handgun classes in the wake of such events as Sandy Hook Elementary School. FOX News

5) Bay Area Blues – APPARENTLY the city of San Jose, California, can’t handle a LITTLE wind, as gusts to 44mph have blown over trees and power lines. Mercury News

6) All Good, Guys. Really – Boeing held a test flight this weekend to prove that it has properly reinstalled the Lithium-Ion batteries in the massive 787. CleanTechnica

7) Get Your Glass Outta Here – Apparently, the (awesome) new Google Glass headset won’t be welcome everywhere. NBC News

8) More Google – Google’s new gigabitiber services may be coming to Austin after a successful test in Kansas City, Missouri. TechSpot

9) NASA 2017 – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been selected to help launch a satellite in 2017 to search for “transiting exoplanets”. MIT News

10) PETMAN! – The new “Petman” robot has a new demonstration video out, showing off more of its abilities while in proper biohazard suit. Nature World News

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