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I am the community reporter and a Junior journalism major. I’m an avid book worm and I know how to make pies from scratch.

The PoliTech Girl Speaks Out

In November of 2014 the inboxes of a Texas Tech University student filled with frantic texts from friends, her Facebook blew up with message requests, and later, her email cluttered with threats. Within weeks of the release of the PoliTech “Politically Challenged” video, it went viral, and currently has over two million views. Courtney Plunk, the […]

Adopted Kids, Completed Families

Over 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year. Of those, 46 percent are private adoptions, 41 percent are from foster care and 13 percent are international. Spencer Stringer and his wife Veronica adopted their son Ajay from India, a culture they love, when they lived abroad in China. Ajay was 11-months-old when the Stringers first met him. Spencer […]

‘Tis the Season to Volunteer

Everyone wants an ideal holiday. “Everyone wants to open a present,” Whitney Owen, the director of the Bridge of Lubbock, said. “You’re five years old and you want to come downstairs and see there’s something for you under the tree. And, to not be able to do that would be heartbreaking.” The ideal holiday does […]

Historical Hub City

The second your tires hit the cobblestone roads in downtown Lubbock, you can feel the history of the town rattling your tires. But despite being over 100 years old, Lubbock citizens do not always think of their town having a deep history. “Because Lubbock wasn’t incorporated until 1909, people in Lubbock don’t think of themselves as […]

Miss Lubbock: More Than a Pageant

Robin Willingham said one thing you do not see in televised pageants is the stress that goes along with the performance. She knows the stress firsthand because her daughter, Madison Willingham, is the current Miss Lubbock. “I was a nervous wreck,” Robin Willingham said. “You cannot breathe until it’s over.” Madison is a junior public relations […]

CASP: Artists of the Flat, Dry and Brown

Most people who have been to the First Friday Art Trail have seen the Charles Adams Studio Project or Gallery and enjoyed the art with no idea what CASP does for local artists. “Our main goal can be boiled down to three words: working artist studios, studios artists working. Any order you want to put those […]

Humans of the South Plains Fair

The smell of funnel cakes, fried cheese on a stick and turkey legs immediately conjure up images of the fair. Those smells were prevalent at the South Plains Fair this week where hundreds of patrons and workers came to enjoy the fun.

The LSAT Takes Another Victim

104 days, 270 plus hours, hundreds of practice questions and eight practice exams; all for a four-hour test that will quite literally change my life. This year, around 23,000 people took the June Law School Admission Test, according to the Law School Admissions Council’s website. The June LSAT is just one of four LSATs given each […]

Tapping Into Home Brewing

There are an estimated 1.2 million home beer brewers in the United States, according to the American Home Brewers Association, and several of these beer connoisseurs call Lubbock home. “I never found a beer I didn’t like, or that didn’t like me,” local brewer Bill Hardy said. Bill Hardy and his son, Tim, are both […]

Food, “Truck” Yeah

A favorite memory from childhood is the sound of the ice cream truck coming up the street. Nothing was more exciting than the scramble for cash before the truck drove off. With the recent food truck trend, there are more trucks to get excited about as an adult. Lubbock has 11 food trucks roaming the city […]

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