The Truth Behind Homelessness

By: Steven Rodriguez Imagine waking up from eight hours of sleep on a soon-to-be lazy Sunday morning. The house temperature is set to 72 degrees, and you walk out of your room to watch the upcoming NFL games with your significant other making breakfast. Now imagine not having that. You wake up outside on the cold concrete during a freezing December day — having only an hour of sleep and nothing but a shopping cart […]

Delicious, Nutritious and Ambitious

According to the South Plains Homeless Consortium, more than 400 people in Lubbock were counted homeless last year. Cesar Hernandez, a junior mechanical engineering major at Texas Tech, and three of his friends decided they wanted to do something about it. It was about a year ago that Hernandez noticed the amount of people living on the […]

From Tents to Tiny Houses

By Jessica Carr Grace Campus, commonly known as Tent City, provides temporary emergency shelter to the homeless in Lubbock. But recently, it was faced with a dilemma when the tents started decaying. “The tents were deplorable and just wind-beaten with holes in them all,” Chris Moore, executive director at Grace Campus, said. “I don’t think […]

An Opportunity to Start Over

By Nicolas Lopez Ian Harper and Jeremy Evans of Lubbock are known for remodeling South Overton homes. But few people know they are also helping some of Lubbock’s homeless remodel their lives. Evans said the business partners did not initially set out to help the homeless, but the opportunity arose and the pair decided it […]

Lubbock Soup Kitchen in Search of New Home

One of Lubbock’s two daily-serving soup kitchens in the downtown area is in search of a new home. Chaplain Ivan Ponce de Leon said an increase in the number of guests has caused St. Benedict’s Chapel to outgrow its current location. “We can seat 48 people at once, but that creates a lot of chaos […]

Lubbock Man Explains Controversial Flag

By Jayme Lozano When a flag with Arabic writing was hung from Citizens Tower in downtown Lubbock on Feb. 15, many people feared what it meant. But the message was not intended to scare Lubbock residents at all. It simply said, “Love is for all.” Mayor Glen Robertson asked for the flag to be reported to Homeland Security, the […]

Lubbock Churches Feed the Hungry

By Nicolas Lopez On any given day, there are over 350 homeless people in Lubbock, according to a 2015 survey conducted by the South Plains Homeless Consortium. Cole Blackwood, food service supervisor St. Benedict’s Chapel, said volunteers and donations are needed to help the hungry. “There’s a lot of people here who would really be […]

'Tis The Season For Giving, Not Receiving

For most of us the holidays are a time to visit family, reconnect with friends, and receive that much coveted gift or cash from Grandma. This past weekend I was reminded of  how fortunate I really am. While driving in the icy cold weather we had on Saturday, I saw several homeless people walking in […]

Fires, Firearms & Football Players: 10 Things To Know, May 2

10 Things To Know: April 23

1. Public Enemy…OK, No?: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber, will not be tried as an enemy combatant. Huffington Post 2. All The Single Ladies: Recently, single women have become more dominant in the home owning market. NPR 3. The Hangover Part 3: A woman comes face-to-face with a jungle cat in the women’s restroom at the […]

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