Fires, Firearms & Football Players: 10 Things To Know, May 2

1. Burn Baby Burn: Brush fire in California burns at least 1,500 acres of land. Los Angeles Times

2. Boy, That Escalated Quickly: 14 year-old-girl’s skull found in James town, and archaeologists say her brain and skin were removed to presumably be eaten by starving colonials in 1609. New York Times

3. Gift Gone Wrong: A five-year-old shot and killed his two-year-old sister when he was playing with a rifle he received as a present last year from his parents. Washington Post

4. 90’s Remembrance: Chris Kelly of the 90’s rap duo ‘Kris Kross’ died early yesterday evening. USA Today

5. No Baby Lucifer: New Zealand releases a list of banned baby names including: Lucifer, Justice, Princess, President, and, yes, Anal. CNN

6. Proposed Abortion: Irish government has proposed legislation to allow abortions to be performed in emergency situations. New York Times

7. Your Desperation is Showing: J.C. Penny’s released an apology commercial, begging shoppers to come back. Forbes

8. Dreaming  of A Kiss: A woman who had her face burned off by her estranged husband has had a full-face transplant and dreams of giving being able to kiss again. CNN

9. Biker Safe: Washington state named the most bicycle-friendly state for sixth year in a row. USA Today

10. Good News: Football player, Chad ‘OchoCino’ Johnson has taken a homeless man under his wing and is using his money and resources to give the man a new start. The Huffington Post

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