As Families Change, So Do Sibling Relations

By Kaylyn Smith For most, a sibling is both one’s best friend and biggest headache. But is it the same for those born 10 or more years apart? Kyle Dupuis, a graduate student at Texas Tech, says it is not. He has five sisters between the ages of 14 and 25, and his relationship with his 10-years-younger sister is […]

Women Empowerment on Texas Tech Campus: Moore to Life

Sharence Moore is creating a safe place for women at Texas Tech University to share testimonies, stories, inspire and encourage each other through a platform called Moore to Life. Moore said she has learned while growing older and experiencing the good and the bad that she is continuously adding character to who she is. “Creating Moore […]

By the Women, For the Women

By Kristen Barton Patricia Earl, unit coordinator and academic adviser for the Women’s Studies Program at Texas Tech, said the Women Staff Professional Network (WSPN) was conceived after a discussion within the Women Faculty Writing Group, which was formed roughly a year ago. “We created a committee to facilitate different sessions and forums throughout the year,” […]

Empty Seats, Empty Victories

By Preston Derrick Think about an event you participated in: a choir concert, a band performance, a football game or a presentation. Imagine the event is completely full. Friends, family and supporters are pouring in like crazy. Your heart fills with joy. But now imagine the event space is mostly empty. All the hard work you […]

Reporters, Who You Gonna Call?

By Nicolas Lopez When journalists are looking for sources, more than three-quarters of the time they turn to me. Only 24 percent of the people you hear, see, or read about in the news are women, shows the most recent report by the Global Media Monitoring Project. Every five years since 1995, the Global Media Monitoring Project […]

Pay Gap Less Prevalent in Cosmetology, Barbers Say

By Julie Castaneda College may not necessarily be an advantage in closing the gender wage gap. A recent study shows young women earn 92 cents on a man’s dollar among high school graduates. Among college graduates, young women with a college degree earn only 79 percent of what is paid to similarly educated men Desiree […]

Who Makes More in Tips? Most Say Women Do

By Kortni Robinson and Nicole Casperson Struggling college student Audrey Parisi works weekends at Las Brisas Steakhouse to make ends meet. On Friday nights, Parisi comes in hoping to be assigned as a bar back on the patio, where the men hang out, to get the big bucks in tips. “I make more as a […]

Does Fairness Have a Color?

By Julie Gomez Nicolasa Sanchez recalls the moment she first noticed her husband was getting paid more than she was for doing the same job. “I look back and know that it wasn’t right. I should have spoken up.” “I thought this wasn’t fair,” she said. “But I didn’t say anything because he’s my husband […]

Sexism in Court: Female Attorneys Recall Marcia Clark

By Emily Hamilton “Marcia Clark gets a new hairdo and stuns the courtroom. The District Attorney has never looked more RUFF!” –The National Examiner It was 1994. Heisman winner and NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson had been charged with the brutal slaughtering of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman. Instead, America chose […]

‘I Think I Can’: Women’s Uphill Battle to Have It All

By Victoria Holloway Audra Coffman, a mom of four and a full-time web producer for Fox 34, was glad she had the chance to stay home with her children for several years. But she is also thankful for having a career now. “Now that (my kids) are a little older, I’m glad I’ve had the […]

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