SGA Election Results: Three Victories and a Runoff

On Friday, results from the Student Government Association election were announced. Robbie Meyer will be student body president, Avery Martinez will be external vice president, and Alissa Payne will be internal vice president. There will be a runoff election between Cole McNiel and Shantanu Patil for the position of graduate vice president. “I’m excited,” Ben […]

SGA Forum Q & A’s

The SGA Executive Candidate Forum took place Wednesday night. Each candidate was given the opportunity to answer multiple questions, the highlights of which are included in this story. To watch the debate in its entirety, click here. Voting will take place February 28 at 9 a.m. through March 1 at 7 p.m. If no run-off […]

SGA Executive Candidate Forum Live Stream

Follow along with the Student Government Association Executive Candidate Forum by watching this live stream.

Conversations with Candidates: Fearless

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. As expressed in their bloc’s name, four candidates for executive positions of the Student Government Association hope to fearlessly lead the students of Texas Tech University. Hunter Hall, candidate for student body president, said his main initiative focuses on sexual assault. He said survivors should know they are not […]

Conversations with Candidates: Raiders Empowered

Alen Jacob contributed to this article. As expressed in their bloc’s name, four candidates for Student Government Association’s executive positions hope to empower students if elected. Their initiatives hope to improve safety and student life at Texas Tech University. Robbie Meyer, candidate for student body president, said he would like to implement WiFi in the […]

SGA Executive Actions Influence Grad VP Shakeup

With the end of 2016, the Student Government Association Graduate Vice President also ended his tenure as the representative of the graduate student population. Kevin Koestler left Texas Tech University and created a vacancy within SGA that had to be filled. Under Article 3 Section 4.5 of the SGA Constitution, when a vacancy occurs in any […]

SGA Elections: Meet The Blocs

Texas Tech Student Government Association election season has begun. This post introduces each bloc’s executive candidates, although they also have candidates for chief of staff, senator seats, journal clerk and more. The Executive Candidate Forum will be held February 22nd at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building Matador Room. Voting will take place February […]

SGA Debates Congratulating Police

By Kristen Barton Earlier this month at a Texas Tech Student Government Association meeting, debate arose around a resolution to show support for the Texas Tech and Lubbock Police Departments. The general clerk sends all the legislation for the meetings ahead of time so senators can prepare debates or votes for the resolutions. A congratulatory piece has […]

New Commission Hopes to Help Non-Traditional Students

By Amanda Castro-Crist While campaigning for the position of Texas Tech Student Government Association President last spring, Ben Sharp, a senior economics major and current SGA president, said he had the opportunity to speak with a few non-traditional students who attend the university. “I began to think, ‘I’ve been in SGA for three years now and […]

Campus Alcohol Tickets — Here to Stay?

As one of its election initiatives, the new executive board of the Texas Tech Student Government Association aimed to “create a safer alcohol culture by lobbying for good samaritan laws and fewer [public intoxication tickets] on campus.” Texas Tech requires all incoming freshman to complete AlcoholEDU, an online program about the mental and physical effects of alcohol, […]

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