Dear St. Valentine

Who is St. Valentine? The history behind Valentine’s Day is not concrete. There are many legends of who St. Valentine, the man this love-filled day is named after, was. According to, one legend is that St. Valentine was a priest during the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made […]

#TuneInTuesday: Chance Won the Grammys

By Courtney White For some, Sunday may have just been a day to catch up on homework or watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead. For me and many others, it was a day to set aside all of my priorities and watch the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. While I am usually displeased with the […]

Part Two: Guide to a Successful “Friendsgiving”

Thanksgiving is a week away and it seems like every business is filled with the satisfying aroma of pumpkin spice. Even TV commercials are advertising mouth-watering dishes that remind us just how close we are to pulling our stretchy eating pants out from the back of the closet. Whether you’re going home or having an […]

Women Empowerment on Texas Tech Campus: Moore to Life

Sharence Moore is creating a safe place for women at Texas Tech University to share testimonies, stories, inspire and encourage each other through a platform called Moore to Life. Moore said she has learned while growing older and experiencing the good and the bad that she is continuously adding character to who she is. “Creating Moore […]

So You Think You Can Senior: What Will You Miss About Lubbock?

It’s a month until graduation, and I have a job! Thankfully, I will be staying in West Texas so I won’t be completely out of my comfort zone. There are still things I’ll certainly miss about Lubbock and Texas Tech University, and, of course, things I won’t miss. Anyone could guess my number one. I’ll miss […]

So You Think You Can Senior: Freaky Freshman to Sizzlin’ Senior

We went from “red bags” touring the Texas Tech campus to freshmen in college. I remember thinking I had to look perfect on the first day of college, just like high school. I was also hoping I could find my classes and not embarrass myself by walking into the wrong class. I now know I looked like a freak […]

So You Think You Can Senior: Job Searching

Spring break is over, and we have eight weeks until the semester’s end. Can you believe that?! I’m officially stressed out because, like the rest of you, I’m scared to go out into the real world. It’s now time to search for jobs. Some people may not even know where to start. First, make sure your resume […]

So You Think You Can Senior: Adulthood

I am overwhelmed by life right now. For some reason, I waited to take the classes I dreaded until my last semester. Advice to all of you: Don’t do that! I am so consumed with school because I absolutely HAVE to graduate. Yet, I also have yet to make time for JOB SEARCHING. Not to mention that […]

Pursuit of Happiness

The air around us rapidly becomes more biting. The whipping wind isn’t helping. I’m aware of a man’s voice rising and falling nearby, but I can’t make out what he is saying anymore. I’m not listening closely enough. Instead, I notice how snow flecks are falling around, disappearing just before hitting the scarlet coffin. My […]

Forever 22

I got the email on a Sunday. “I wanted to let you know that we do not have a fellowship to offer you at The Texas Tribune,” the email read. “You submitted a great application, and you were one of our semifinalists. All the best with your journalism endeavors.” My heart sunk. I would rather […]

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