Upscale Christmas Gallery Comes to Lubbock


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By Violeta Trevizo

For many, Christmas is a stressful time. But the season also presents the opportunity to experience exquisite beauty.

This is just what J. Cruse Christmas Gallery & Decor tries to do. With the help of traditional decorations, the store’s goal is to transform the holiday rush into joy.

The artist behind the gallery is Jackie Cruse, who has been creating seasonal sculptures for years. He first began by decorating cakes, but now makes life-size Santa Clauses.

“It’s about having fun,” Cruse said.

His work has been featured and sold in Neiman Marcus catalogs and stores.


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The gallery, which opened in October, feels close and personal to many.  Customers can request new creations, in addition to the ones that are already on the shelves.

“I feel like a kid in a candy store,” said Letty Spencer, a customer. “Everything is so meticulous and beautiful. It definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit.”

Cruse’s employees say they enjoy creating personal relationships with clients, which would not be possible in a big-box store.

The J. Cruse Gallery is located at 6028 82nd St. in Lubbock. It is open year-round, with other seasonal options including Valentine’s day and Easter creations. Watch an interview with the owner in this video.

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