Women Empowerment on Texas Tech Campus: Moore to Life

Sharence Moore is creating a safe place for women at Texas Tech University to share testimonies, stories, inspire and encourage each other through a platform called Moore to Life. Moore said she has learned while growing older and experiencing the good and the bad that she is continuously adding character to who she is. “Creating Moore […]

5 Ways To Never Forget Your “Friendsgiving”

By Kylie Smith and Mikenna Williams Thanksgiving, for most, is a time spent with family. For many, family is not only the people who share your DNA, but also those you care about and surround yourself with. For those of you who will be spending this holiday with your family of friends, here are a few ideas […]

Prom, Friendship, and Blood Featured In Student's New Screenplay Teaser

This is a teaser for a feature-length screenplay that I’m currently writing, entitled “Charlie’s New Friend.” The screenplay will be available to read in May 2013. Contact me at taylor.shofner@ymail.com if you are interested in reading it. I hope to one day direct the entire film myself. Until then, I plan on building my skills […]

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