Women Empowerment on Texas Tech Campus: Moore to Life

Sharence Moore is creating a safe place for women at Texas Tech University to share testimonies, stories, inspire and encourage each other through a platform called Moore to Life.

Sharence Moore

Sharence Moore

Moore said she has learned while growing older and experiencing the good and the bad that she is continuously adding character to who she is.

“Creating Moore To Life allowed me to realize that there are so many things that will come my way and shape me into the young woman I was created to be,” Moore said. “Through this I have learned that heartache, pain, inconvenience, loneliness, struggles, and loss all come to make me stronger.”

Moore recently hosted her second Moore to Life event, “Backyard Basics: Dinner Party.” Guests spent the night sipping cocktails and connecting with other women in a positive way.

After an icebreaker that invited attendees to get to know other ladies outside of the friends they came with, Moore opened the floor with one question: “What can we do to keep this going?” Attendees spent the next hour expressing their desire to feel more connected to women on campus, free of judgment or preconceived notions about one another.

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The rest of the night was filled with honest conversation on the desires of each woman to become more connected and encouraging with one another on campus. Moore ended the night encouraging younger attendees to “not stop here,” but to keep this going for years to come, even after she graduates and leaves Texas Tech.

She said her overall goal for Moore To Life is to, “provide an opportunity to inspire ourselves and other women to love exactly who we are. As a whole we are embarking on a journey and we must be determined to journey soulfully. Every trial that comes will bring a breakthrough.”

Any women interested in joining her organization can contact Moore through her Facebook page.

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